Advent Calendar Roundup

15 days of the TTCombat Advent Calendar, so much announced, so much to look forward to. 2020 is going to be a huge year for all things TTCombat, from awesome scenery, to fantastic RUMBLESLAM Wrestlers, to strange monsters and heroes in Carnevale. New weapons of destruction in Dropzone Commander and brand new ships for Dropfleet Commander.

Dropfleet Commander

First of all we announced Lighters for Dropfleet Commander.  Small, tactically focused ships to add a specific tactical element to your fleet.

Next was the Dropfleet Fleet Builder beta launch and the FAQ/Errata.

Finally we saw the Resistance Grand Battleship and it’s extremely modular design. As well as some special scenarios for you to enjoy.


You like pipes, we like pipes so even more pipes for Industrial Hive. OK more than just pipes, but still.

Next we showed you a massive tower for the Streets of Venice range, a really, really massive tower.

To finish off the Scenics Advent Calendar windows we showed you the Scenics Starter Set, designed for the younger gamers and school clubs.

Dropzone Commander

We reintroduced Fauna to the game. Now Fauna can be taken in your list to round off points or to add a possibly unreliable strategy to your army.

For the second week we showed you the rest of the small Commanders for PHR, Shaltari and Resistance.

Last and certainly not least was a reveal of some new units for Dropzone Commander that will be released in 2020.


We announced two new wrestlers as part of the new Moote Carlo casino being released in 2020.

Following that was the announcement of a lot more of the Moote Carlo casino.

And to finish off, a brand new rulebook!


We started with two new miniatures for Carnevale, for Rashaar and the Vatican.

We then made a new Campaign for you to play.

Finally was the announcement of the first Carnevale Expansion, Blood on the Water. As well as some new artwork for new miniatures.


The last announcement wasn’t part of the Advent Calendar as such, but it was still an announcement made for the new year, so we’ll include it again, partly because we are so excited about it. The start of the TTAgents program! We’ve already had a lot of interest in this, and we really look forward to starting it.


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