Advent Calendar 6

Day 6 is a good day for Carnevale reveals!

We’re back with our advent calendar today, and it’s time to have a look at what those two fellows on the Rialto Bridge are hiding…

It’s two new Carnevale characters! We picked two of our favourite new characters for the game, coming your way in 2020.

First of all we have a brand new character for the Rashaar. Met the Demagogue.

This new Hero choice is a real commanding presence. Getting people to do what she wants with her fiery rhetoric (not the spell) is her main focus. Oh and branding people with that burning Rashaar symbol!

The sculpt is equally as great as the art, capturing the flowing robes perfectly, as well as the smoking icon and brazier.

The robes are designed to look like a tentacle analogue, firmly cementing her as a follower of Dagon. And she’s not the only new follower to hit the streets of Venice, but you’ll have to wait a short while before seeing more.

Vatican players on the other hand have something special on the way too! And it’s not just the Inquisition box that’s out today!

This is the Scorpio Marksman, accompanied by his on personal Altar Boy. The Vatican are really bringing out the big guns (bows) in order to counter the threats in La Serenissima.

As you can see, there are two to a base, as the Altar Boy simply helps carry spare bolts and also hold up the scorpio when it’s firing. The Marksman does all the fighting, and he’s a real giant of a man, so watch out!

We’re still playtesting rules for these new characters, but I can say that if you get hit by a crossbow bolt of that size, it’s bound to knock you back a fair way…


Both of these (all three of these?) characters will be out next year, with plenty more on the way for both the Rashaar and the Vatican, and of course for all of the other factions too! In the meantime, if you’re interested in picking up some new Carnevale miniatures or even starting the game for the first time, head over to the TTCombat webstore to check out the full range.

We’ll be back with more advent calendar goodness on Monday, so check back then!

3 Replies to “Advent Calendar 6”

  1. The Scorpio Marksman and Alter Boy should probably be on a larger base. Instead of holding a bolt the Alter Boy could be holding a support post for the Marksman to rest / steady his ginormous crossbow on. And since I don’t see one you might want to provide the Marksman with a crannequin to crank back the bow string.

  2. Question… I’m new to Carnevale and love the game. However I noticed there’s more than a few characters with rules, who don’t have miniatures on the TTCombat store. For example Sirena and the Flame. We’re those limited editions I missed?

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