Advent Calendar 5

It’s RUMBLESLAM day in the advent calendar, what’s in store in the ring?

It’s time to pull back the door and clumsily poke through the foil to the RUMBLESLAM goodies underneath…

Unveiling the FABULOUS ATOQ!

We have a brand new Superstar today from the upcoming Moote Carlo casino!

From south of the border (don’t ask me what border, I’m not up to date on my RUMBLESLAM geography), this enigmatic stranger appears!

The Fabulous Atoq is one of many new Superstars coming to our next casino, and he’s bringing with him some ridiculous flair and style.

We’re still working on the rules for this guy, but he’s fast beyond even a standard elf. What is pretty much finished though is the miniature!

We’re steadily working through RUMBLESLAM miniature sculpting, so that when Moote Carlo officially launches early next year, we’ll have a steady supply of wrestlers coming your way. No more drought!

Speaking of drought, how about another wrestler who definitely isn’t in trouble of running out of water?

Our second Superstar today is Belleza Agua, the water beauty.

Belleza Agua is infamous in RUMBLESLAM, turning her devious and ghostly powers towards wrestling. Always surrounded by water, you definitely don’t want to slip up near her, or you’ll likely be one of her many KOs through drowning! “KO” might not be the right phrase.

We were just going to show you some art of this one, but I saw in the resin room today that the miniature is actually done too!

What isn’t included here is her veil, which they’re still working on. In theory – and I’m not promising that it’ll work at this stage – it’ll be an optional extra piece that sits over her face and can be painted like normal! We’ll see if it works though…


Very soon!


Okay okay, we know! We’re not going to pretend that RS hasn’t had the raw end of it this year. With a massive warehouse expansion and support needed for both Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander and of course our new game Carnevale in its first year, our beloved wrestling game has been a bit quiet.

But with Moote Carlo we’re launching an all-out feud with slow releases, and next year RS will be back BIG. We’ve got more news for you in the next couple of advent calendar weeks, so keep the faith for just a short while longer, Rumblefans!

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  1. Will Belleza Agua be able to be bought as a single miniature or will she be part of a team, I would defiantly like to get her for my Divas 🙂

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