Advent Calendar 20

Day 20 – the last day!

The last day in the TTCombat advent calendar is Carnevale day, and we’ve saved a big one for last.

Because a brand new RUMBLESLAM rulebook yesterday wasn’t enough, let’s talk about Blood on the Water.

Yes, it’s time to introduce Carnevale’s first expansion.

In 2020 we’re going to be releasing a campaign book for Carnevale.

We’re still very early stages in development, but we can share a little about what will be in it.

  • New stories
  • New rules
  • New miniatures

What more would you want?

New Stories

Blood on the Water will see Carnevale’s timeline moving forwards. The current setting is January 1795, almost two full years after the Rent in the Sky opened. The world has been changed forever as most of Europe has been flooded, volcanoed (it’s a word) or both! Venice has emerged relatively unscathed and is becoming a hub of trade, regaining its former glory as the jewel of the Adriatic.

However, not all is sunshine and roses, as any Carnevale will know! Monsters and magic are abound, stalking the streets and canals to prey on unsuspecting victims. Many different groups have emerged to make the most of the unfolding chaos, staking out their own corner in the upcoming most prosperous city in the world.

Blood on the Water takes that groundwork and moves it on. We’ll see vicious battles emerging, plenty of spying and subterfuge, and various elements progressing their agendas to take control of Venice and possibly even the world!

We’re not going to spoil too much of it yet, but we guarantee that we’ll take you on a journey with new things you’d never have expected.

New Rules

We’ve been playing a bunch of Carnevale, as have all of our fellow fans, which is great! There are a few things that we’re going to be adding to the game with this new expansion, many of them to help you play games in this new era, and others to add in some new angles on things you’ve been playing for a while.

Expect brand new scenery rules for dozens of new types of terrain. You’ll find getting around Venice that much more fun once the new rules hit.

There will also be some new items to purchase for your gangs, particularly ones that really fit some of the forthcoming scenarios.

Speaking of scenarios, you just know we’re having loads of those! You can look forward to new campaigns to help you play through the events of the book.

New Miniatures

You just know there will be loads of great new characters for you!

Over the last year since Carnevale was sent out to all you lovely customers, we’ve released 25 boxed sets and around 150 miniatures. That’s quite a lot!

We’re catching up to all of the Kickstarter sculpts now, so I can tell you that almost every single release for Blood on the Water will be a brand new, never-seen-before character. We’ve had a few this year already (the Avignon Guard and Tarot Reader are my favourites!), so strap yourself into your gondolas, because this next year you’ll be getting more and more new cool characters!

From the Doctor of the Blood you see above, to the Chevaleresse below, there are loads of new characters that will help to tell the story of Blood on the Water.

Will Blood on the Water have X, Y, or Z?

Well, we can’t really tell you that yet! We’ll be announcing more content for the book as we get further through, but because we’re in early stages there’s still a lot that can change.

When we have more information ready, TTCommunity is the best place to find out (or you can try to get me to talk over on the Facebook fan page – good luck).

When Can I Have It?!

Fellow Venetian, I’m afraid patience is a virtue. We showed off some brand new miniatures earlier in the advent calendar which will be out early next year, so there will be plenty to tide you over.

Blood on the Water is going to take a bit more time though. You can bet that we’re going to be keeping you all up to date on the progress, and distracted by loads of other new characters before we even get there!

Until then, you can browse the full range of Carnevale right here on the TTCombat webstore – have a look through the 150-odd characters and see what you like the look of.

Oh, and how about a big Rashaar monster to finish off?

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  1. I understand how character cards are a living document and you don’t do “army books” because of this. Having character stats for free from the gang builder is awesome. However I’ve always been a fan of “unit lore” in these types of games. From BattleTech to Warhammer, the “army book” approach let’s the authors (you guys) give life and individuality to a “generic” unit by providing history or doctrine about them. I’d like to more about the in-game lore behind a Ugdru or Strige, and usually, the unit info in an army book fills that void. Do you have plans to somehow provide such world building? Not saying you should do an army book… just a means to go in depth with individual units for us info starved fans.

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