Advent Calendar 2

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

December is here, and with it the faint jingle of bells, fresh crisp snow on the ground, and of course, advent calendars!

Although if you don’t celebrate Christmas or are lactose intolerant you get a pretty raw deal, but whatever your religious leanings or dietary requirements, you can enjoy opening the doors of the TTCombat advent calendar!

That’s right, this year we’re doing another advent calendar, with a new goody behind every door.

And no, you’re not confused. Our advent calendar starts on number 2 and skips weekends (we too have holiday shopping to do). So that means we’ve got 15 days of TTCombat teasers and freebies lined up! We’re going to be taking a break from Work in Progress Wednesday during December, because there will be plenty of WIP pictures every single day.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, our advent calendar is divided up between games and scenery kits:

  • Mondays we’ll have some Dropfleet Commander
  • Tuesday will be Tabletop Scenics MDF kits
  • Wednesday is Dropzone Commander
  • Thursday enter the ring for RUMBLESLAM
  • Friday lastly will be Carnevale

Day 2!

So without further ado, let’s start at the beginning: door number 2.

What’s that? It looks like some kind of spaceship (no duh).

We’ve still got a couple of things to release from Battle for Earth, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been thinking ahead to what’s next for Dropfleet, and trust us, there are lots of things to come.

One of which is Lighters.

The Lighters are small ships, largely equivalent to Corvettes, but with extremely specific battlefield roles.

This first one is the UCM Lysander class Stealth Lighter. You may have heard of this!

The Lysander has been in the Dropzone and Dropfleet lore for a long time, and we’re finally seeing a model for it!

All factions will be getting Lighters, including Resistance!

While the ships are analogous in size, they are are very unique in their roles. The Resistance one for example is a militarised cargo ship, its cargo replaced with explosives to turn it into a massive version of their Fire Ships.


I’m only allowed to show these two today (which is annoying because I have pictures of all of them right here), but we’ll have more to show in the new year, and it won’t be long at all until you’ll be able to buy them for your own fleets!

Check back tomorrow for more TTCombat advent calendar goodness, and head over to the TTCombat webstore to check out the dozens (billions really, if you count variants of Resistance Cruiser) of different space ships you can pick up for Dropfleet Commander right now.

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