Advent Calendar 3

On the third day of Pipe-mas, TTCombat gave to me…

… three more kits and a board’s worth of pipes!

So, for the past few weeks I have been working on a few new kits to expand the Sector 4 range of pipes that Scott made. Each new set brings something new to the table in terms of pipe design as well as bringing in some new pipe compatible buildings.

Lets take a look what we have coming up.

Air Scrubbing plant

This first kit combines the Storage Tanks with some new air scrubbers. A much needed piece of machinery in the filthy under hive. These buildings have multiple connectors to allow modular configurations and the air scrubbers can also be stacked! The new pipes can be used as either a walkway when laid out horizontally or a ladder to allow climbing up the pipes to the new gantry boxes.

Electron Facility

This kit started off with the Pybus Pipe Hub and it is connected to the new command centre. There are two new pipe designs for this set and the first is simpler than previous versions. To me they resemble electrical conduits, which is why the second new pipe design is a Tesla coil. As added detail I have included some Tesla coil caps and broken, sparking electric conduits.

Plasma Relay

The third kit today is all new. Two large Plasma Relays form the base for the 5th variation of pipe designs. There are multiple angular connectors on these buildings and boxes that link up with new ribbed pipes. Allowing you to create some really jagged layouts. Also included in this kit are three plasma relay towers which can be connected up on either side.

Industrial Hive – Big Build

Saving the best for last. Myself, Lewis, Mike and Joe spent a not insignificant amount of time putting all three sets together with other buildings from the Industrial Hive range. Starting off with the Power station, Iron Labyrinth – Death Quadrant and the Mega Turbine, we linked all three together with the three new pipe kits. As you can see, on a 3’x3′ board this amount of terrain fills it up quite quickly. Never have I seen a truer representation of an Industrial Hive!

Each of the new pipe sets that you see will retail in the new year, so keep an eye out. If you can’t wait and want to start your industrial pipe journey, check out the Industrial Hive range on the TTCombat webstore. We promise you won’t look back!

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