Advent Calendar 13

Carnevale day in the advent calendar today! What is the Rent hiding?

Last week we saw some new characters, but this week we have something else entirely!

We’ve got a whole new campaign for you today!

Progressing the story in a small way, we’re looking at one of the biggest moments of the end of 1795, moving into 1796.

Cannaregio Burns is our new campaign, comprising of three scenarios to tell the story of the Vatican’s attack on the Jewish Ghetto, and the clean up afterwards.

The three scenarios can be played in any way with any factions, but we recommend pairings to follow the story.

Click the picture above to get transported to the Carnevale website where you’ll find the full campaign to download.

Let us know how you get on with this campaign, and whether you’d like more of these as we continue to tell the story of Venice.

If you’re interested in getting started in Carnevale or want to pick up some reinforcements to fight the Vatican off, check out the TTCombat webstore.

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