Advent Calender 9

Day 9 is a big day for Dropfleet Commander.

It’s Dropfleet Commander day on the advent calendar and we’ve got some exciting stuff to show you.

First of all, the official announcement of the online fleet builder. This is now in official public beta for you all to use and give feedback on. This has been online for a little while now for stability testing so I know a few people have found it and used it. However now it will have full support and is now the place to get the latest ship stats.

As always, please use the builder and send us your feedback to the usual places, Facebook or via Email at More feedback we have, the more we can develop the app to suit your needs.

Dropfleet ship stats are now a living document like we use for Dropzone Commander. All the core ships have been updated, the Battle for Earth ships will be given a bit more time before being modified, the book isn’t too old after all. For now, the ships have had stats taken from the Community Errata since we know they were well received and tested by a lot of players. The ship stats may change over the next few weeks to fix errors or major problems, at which point they will be locked down when the beta for the builder ends.

With that we’re also releasing an updated Official FAQ and Errata this week. This is simply to fix problems in the game that simply didn’t make sense or plainly didn’t work. For any TTCombat sanctioned tournaments this will be the latest rules in use for them. This will be released later this week once we have it completely finished.

This has been partly inspired by the awesome Community Errata that has been around, and well used for a while now. We haven’t implemented everything in the Community Errata, however that takes nothing away from the great work many people have done on that document. The Community Errata is a wide ranging document that changes a lot of the game based on Community feedback and we certainly think people should give it a go if they haven’t already.

So the official rules will have had an update, the ship stats are all online and on a living document and of course the Battle Fleet boxes are back in stock!

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