Advent Calendar 18

Dropzone day! Dropzone day!

The Dropzone Commander door in the advent calendar is opening…

Behind the 18th door we’ve found some renders of new units coming soon!

For the last few months we’ve been restocking Dropzone Commander units, making brand new moulds for them and adding in some sneaky extras while we’re at it.

Well, that process is still going, so that means more new units!

First of all we’ve got a variant for the UCM’s Archangel.

This brand new unit swaps out the Archangel’s Retributions Cannons with something a whole lot more dangerous looking. We’re still in early playtesting stages yet, but I can tell you that it’s an explosive missile that will be pretty good at bringing buildings down.

But that’s not all! We also have a sneak peek of a brand new PHR unit. We saw the Nemesis release a few weeks ago, packaged with the new Bellona (which in turn is a standard version of Marcus Barros). Well, the Hades will also be getting a variant when it re-releases next year.

This new version extended the Nanomachine hive of the Hades, making something a lot less direct than the Hades, but no less effective!

Finally today we have a good old Lifthawk. In addition to remaking moulds for blister packs, we’re also redoing them for the new Starter Armies. We saw the UCM and Scourge Starter Armies release a couple of weeks back, and all of the rest of the factions will be getting theirs in 2020 too.

However, the Resistance have always stood alone a little as their Starter Army is made of resin. At the moment we’re continuing that on (the sheer amount of detail on the vehicles lends itself well to resin rather than plastic), but in an effort to make Resistance as affordable to start as any other faction, we’re making some changes to the models in the set.

This version of the Lifthawk should be coming in only two parts! Having fewer parts means the Starter Army will be playable a lot quicker, and cutting down on moulds means that we can cram more into the box.


That’s it for the advent calendar today! If you’d like to make a start on your UCM or Scourge army, check out the new releases on the TTCombat webstore, which is also a great place for all other factions too!

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