Advent Calendar 17

It’s the 17th and time to open another door on our Advent Calendar, lets see what’s behind it.

Intro Terrain

We get a lot of requests from Schools for help with terrain, so we’ve been hard at work making an intro set specifically for them.

This kit comes with a set of 6 corner ruins as well as a pair of our resin kits. These resin kits are semi-random, with a bias towards Gothic Accessories and Sandbags. Perfect for introducing young people to the world of wargaming.

No Tools Required

One of the key design features of this kit was for it to be usable by students of all ages. Not all schools allow the use of craft knifes so we’ve included a spacer and a pusher. With the spacer underneath part of the sprue, you can push on tabs with the pusher.  It’s a much safer alternative to getting parts out compared to a craft knife (something most wargamers have poked themselves with at least once).

All of the buildings follow the same basic design principle. That said, we’ve managed to get a varied assortment of types in this kit. With 2 different heights of buildings and 3 different floor layouts there’s enough to keep your battlefields varied.

Each kit should be enough to densely cover about half of a school table. You could stretch this out with the use of the resin components. For a more open table this should cover most school desks.

Storage solutions solved

Storing these is also super easy, as the floor slides in to the slots on the walls. The corners are then able to be joined with a cross lap joint. You can assemble the walls separately with PVA or wood glue and store them flat when not in use.

While we designed these specifically for schools we’ll have them available for purchase from our store in the new year. Any club leader or teacher can always get in touch with us through to get one of these for their clubs absolutely free.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll have another door to open on our advent calendar!

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