Advent Calendar 16

It’s a new week, and that means another week of advent calendar!

Monday on the advent calendar means Dropfleet, and do we have something for you!

Actually, that’s a lie, because we have two things for you Dropfleet players today!

First of all, how about a Resistance Battleship?

This is the Eden class Grand Battleship. It’s done up in Kalium colours to match the rest of the fleet. Armed with 4 9K Mass Driver Turrets and two Mega Vent Cannon Batteries, it packs quite a punch! Not to mention the massive Torpedo.

This is only one version of the Grand Battleship, there are loads more too! First of all, you can swap the weapons out to make the Elysium/Trident version.

Behold, the Elysium class! This one swaps the Broadsides out. No more Mega Vent Cannons, instead the more reliable N-12 Artillery Cannon Batteries.

That’s not all that can be swapped around in this kit though. While not quite as modular as the Cruisers, we kept the modular design all the same.

You can build it backwards too!

The prow and engines are separate and connect on the same kind of join, which means you can flip them over. There’s a new cockpit on this one too, which can go on in one of three different places on the ship!

What’s more, the kit will come with two prow and two engine options, as well as three cockpit/keel options. We’re not showing those off yet though, you’ll have to wait to see the miniatures.

This massive kit (it’s close to a Dreadnought in size) will be out in early 2020, along with the Resistance Battlecruiser. We’ll have more of that to show off in the new year too.

Advent Scenarios

Until then though, I’m sure you want to play with your spaceships over the Xmas holidays, right?

Well, we’ve written up three special scenarios for you to play. They’re designed with some of the newer releases in mind, incorporating Resistance Fleets, Dreadnoughts, and Monitors to make thematic scenarios that tell an interesting story and let you use your fleets in new ways.

Just click that example picture there and it’ll take you to the Dropfleet Resources section of the TTCombat webstore, where you can download them for free!

And don’t forget that if you need some new ships to have a go, head over to the DFC section of the webstore to pick up any of the new ships, or even start a new fleet in preparation for the biggest Battleship to be released next year!

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