Advent Calendar 19

Day 19 on the advent calendar, time to get in the ring!

It’s a big day in the TTCombat advent calendar today. It’s a RUMBLESLAM day of days!

Behind door 19 we have an extremely exciting announcement for RUMBLESLAM.

We’ve been showcasing new wrestlers from a new casino for a little while now, but what about rules? Well the RUMBLESLAM rulebook was getting a bit long in the tooth, so we’re going to retire it!


That’s right, a new rulebook is coming to you in 2020!

It’s a new book with a very fancy new cover, with the same great RUMBLESLAM content you’ve come to love.


So this isn’t a brand new edition of the game as such, it’s more a culmination of two years of playing and playtesting and community feedback.

The game is still very much the same, but there are additional things in the book and a few tweaks to make this edition even better than before.

What changes you ask? Well you may recognise this page from a WIP Wednesday earlier in the year. Eagle eyed readers will see some slight changes to the Grapple rules.

Previously you were only able to perform a Grapple action if you had the move on your card. Now you’ll be able to enjoy a generic version which doesn’t hit very hard but gives you even more moves to try. Helpful if your Grappler only has 1AP left and no abilities to perform!

You’ll also find a very similar version of Turnbuckle attacks – a generic one that everyone has access to. It tends to be slightly shorter range and lacks any special skills, but Weight 3s will be able to perform this under-powered version in one activation!

The Dirty special rules have also seen a BIG update, and this one comes straight from community feedback.

In the first edition of the game picking up enemy wrestlers on full Stamina and throwing them out was pretty easy, but now you’ll have to struggle against the Dirty rules if you want to end a match prematurely. The ref doesn’t like it, and the crowd don’t either!

Dirty attacks will make your wrestler roll a Crowd dice. If it’s a Boo they lose 1AP from their next activation and end the current one immediately. More Dirty attacks means more dice rolled, so it becomes harder and harder once the ref has their eye on you!

With Lifting conscious wrestlers being Dirty as well as No Class being Dirty too, you’ll need to change up your tactics.

New Rules

We’ve also brought over two moves from our Referee expansion: Trip and Pin.

That’s right, pinning is in the game as standard!

Players loved the addition of tripping and pinning wrestlers, and we did too, so we put it in the regular rules. With the changes to lifting as well you’ll find that beating up an opponent is suddenly a much better tactic, so your Brawlers will have something to do in the ring!

You’ll also find (much needed) updated rules for Tag Teams, and some changes to Sponsorships. In the new rulebook you’ll be able to buy a sponsorship for your team, and if you’re all from a single casino you get another one for free!

New Art

While the 1.5 book is simply an update to the game, we couldn’t resist putting some new art inside. You’ll get a great look at exactly what’s happening inside some of your favourite casinos. Looks like Rolling Bones has some very complicated card games and plenty of fighting!

What About All My Old Wrestlers? Can I Still Use Them?


The new book is simply an update which brings in loads of cool balancing and peppers in some new rules too. All of your old wrestlers are still usable with their current cards. No need to update anything else at all.


Tough. You can’t have it.

But early in 2020 you can! We’ll be releasing this new version of the rulebook alongside the first wave of Moote Carlo wrestlers at the start of the year, with plenty more to come after.

We’ve got loads more great stuff coming for RUMBLESLAM, so 2020 looks to be the year to get back into the ring! Until then, there are dozens of RUMBLESLAM miniatures just waiting for you on the TTCombat webstore, and if you want to get started in the game, the 2-Player Box is still a great kit to pick up (although you might need to spend a small amount of Dosh on a new rulebook next year).

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