Advent Calendar 12

Day 12, and there’s a RUMBLESLAM looking surprise behind the door!

It’s RUMBLESLAM time again, and our second preview door is opening up to reveal…

It’s Moote Carlo time again!

You shouldn’t be surprised really – the Moote Carlo casino makes up the first few releases of 2020, and there are some really cool models in there!

Our second Moote Carlo team are here in all their glory! We’ve seen one of these characters already, but we thought it’s time to see the whole lot.

The team is really embracing the south of the border vibe that Moote Carlo has, sipping tequila and dancing about in celebration.

Oh, the miniatures are all done too, did we mention that?

Fin hasn’t had chance to get his brushes on these skellies yet, but they look great even without a bit of paint on them. You can see the great detail sculpted in which will make painting the bright colours a breeze.

The Angelitos Brawler and Grappler are diminutive skeletons (probably dead versions of the Halfling luchador team also coming to retail), but still pack a punch! Or a maraca, actually.

The Difuntos Brawler and Grappler are your medium hitters, pummelling your enemies with bony fists, or wrapping them up in a long dress (all the better to pummel them).

We’re still working on the rules for the team at the moment, but I can say that they’re going to be getting stronger as the Danza de los Muertos progresses (or as you beat up everyone).

Finally the Bandido Esquelito rounds off the team, bringing a bit of weight to the proceedings. Oh and some tequila too!

The Bandido’s Crowd Pleaser seems them drinking up, gaining some stats, but potentially falling down drunk. Oh and those finger guns in their holsters? Yep, you can shoot them.


This brand new team will be heading to the ring in 2020, to join the Halfling luchadors and a load more Superstars to make a whole new complete casino!

We’ll be back with more RUMBLESLAM previews next week behind the advent calendar doors. But in the meantime, if you’d like to get wrestling, head over to the TTCombat webstore to get started in RUMBLESLAM this holiday season!

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