Dropzone Commander Restocks Wave 4.

It’s time for some more Dropzone Commander restocks this week and we have one new unit to show you too!

Our resin team have been working very hard and have managed to get five kits ready for stock this week. That’s right, FIVE kits, one for each faction. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got back in stock this week.

First of all we have the PHR Odin/Zeus kit. This kit contains two walkers which can be made into either Odin Heavy Walkers or Zeus Command Walkers. The Odin is equipped with a pair of Railguns to obliterate it’s targets.

While the Zeus swaps a Railgun out for a shield, providing defensive cover for the Commander inside.

As stated, you get two walkers and can make two of either or one of each. This kit comes in at £12.

The next kit is for the Resistance and includes our new unit this week. We now have the M20 Zhukov and M22 Constantine ready to reinforce Resistance forces.

This kit makes 2 tanks. First the M20 Zhukov is a powerful anti-air tank with probably the strongest anti-air gun in the game. Energy 8 with Devastator-2, even heavily armoured gunships aren’t safe from it’s power.

The M22 Constantine is based on the same chassis as the Zhukov, M9 Hannibal and Mehmed Siege tank, however plays a support role. The Constantine is used to protect smaller and weaker vehicles by granting them electronic countermeasures. It also links up with the heavy tanks the Resistance used to grant better countermeasures to them, making it useful as a boost for both forces reliant on Wagons and Technicals, and those with access to massed Heavy Armour.

This kit allows you to make 1 of each or two of either as normal and is on the store now for £12.

Next we have the Ocelot/Panther kit for the Shaltari. Both Heavy Walkers, these grant heavy fire support for Shaltari forces.

The Ocelot is a Heavy walker with a single gun, the Particle Cannon. However the Particle Cannon will make short work of even the heaviest armoured targets. Ignoring all Countermeasures due to it’s sheer, Awesome Power. Buildings and Vehicles are obliterated in short order.

The Panther swaps the Particle Cannon for a Particle Triad. This adds a powerful anti-air presence to the Shaltari force. Energy 8 AA is enough to threaten any aircraft, with Unlimited range, 3 shots and an Accuracy of 2, the air is no longer a safe place.

This kit has one Heavy Walker and can make either an Ocelot or a Panther. On the store now for £12.

The Scourge have now taken over someone in the resin team since we are noticing a lot of water being drank in there and we have our first Scourge restock. The Slayer/Tormentor kit is back in stock.

This kit allows you to make two heavy Grav Tanks. First of all the Slayer is equipped with a Twin Plasma Cannon. This allows it to hunt down heavy armour as well as blow holes in buildings if need be. A useful strategy to then disgorge it’s complement of Razorworms into the building.

The Tormentor swaps the Plasma Cannons for an Acid Streamer, melting infantry hiding in cover or in garrisons. Again, getting close to buildings and cover to loose it’s complement of Razorworms to feast upon the terrified defenders.

This kit  has two Tanks which can be made into two Slayer or 2 Tormentors or one of each. It also includes two units of very hungry Razorworms to snack on those who just won’t submit to being a host. This kit is also £12.

Last and certainly not least is the UCM Super Phoenix. This is an upgrade on the standard Phoenix we re-released last wave and swaps it’s repair systems for another Minigun Triad for the really, really aggressive commanders out there.

The Super Phoenix is a big, heavy gunship which can take a Commander, rushing forward straight into combat to bring devastating firepower to the front line. Well armoured for a flyer with the ability to take a lot of damage, it certainly isn’t cheap for the UCM to build and field, but can be decisive on the field of battle.

The UCM Super Phoenix is now available on the store for £30.

The restocks will take a break now until January. Until then, reinforce your armies ready to continue the Battle for Earth.

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