Resistance M22 Constantine

With this weeks restocks we’ve released the M22 Constantine for Resistance forces. Let’s take a look at what it does.

The Constantine fulfils a support role within the Resistance forces. Boosting the Countermeasures of nearby vehicles to protect them from enemy fire.

Armed with only a 90MM cannon and a Machinegun, this won’t cause much damage on it’s, however by giving all friendly vehicles within 4″ Active Countermeasures, these are harder for the enemy to target from range. This makes it valuable support for Resistance forces with very little heavy armour and therefore reliant on wagons and technicals for their forces.

Of course, the Constantine also boosts the more heavily armoured Resistance forces too. Any vehicle with armour of 15 or above within 4″ of the Constantine lowers the Countered Range of any enemy attack by 4″.  This makes a group of Resistance tanks backed up by a pair of Constantines a hard to kill yet powerful brick to throw at the enemy.

The M22 Constantine is available on the TTCombat store now.


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