Wet WIP Wbases

I couldn’t think of a third thing beginning with “w” 🙁

Hello everyone! We’re back for another WIP Wednesday. We’re all still social distancing, with most of the design team working remotely. That means I haven’t been able to sneak around the office to steal prototypes, but I have managed to twist Scott’s arm into showing some new bases on the way soon.

We’re preparing for a Carnevale release shortly (these things are taking longer than usual due to the circumstances) and we have so much cool new Carnevale stuff on the way as well. Not to mention Blood on the Water which is still being worked on by the team.

In the meanwhile though, how about some new styles of base to adorn your minis?

Our Cobblestone Bases are incredibly popular, so Scott has been making some new designs for you all. How about some crazy paving? Perfect for both upscale neighbourhoods (for my Patricians) if you paint it all fancy, or paint it dirty and run-down for your poor Guild people.

We’ve also got some wooden bases too, in case you really do live in a bad part of town. Cannaregio’s slums maybe? Or how about down in the docks?

Finally – and this is a super WIP. Scott sent this picture over literally five minutes ago, and he’s still in the process of sculpting these (thus the crazy colours). This is representing a really roughed up part of town. The cracked cobbles and smashed holes will be deep enough for a water effects pour, which means you’ll be able to recreate the sunken district of San Canciano nicely!


We’ll be back soon with more Carnevale news, and hopefully these bases will be available in a short while too. No promises at the moment, as things are still a little weird, but we’re slowly getting back to something resembling normality.

In the meantime, you can get cobblestone bases and loads of Carnevale over at the TTCombat webstore! Or maybe you’re into bases and not Venice? Well we have brand new Tomb World bases there as well!

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  1. They looks perfect! But, why does the relief of the base have to be higher than the base? That gap is bad enough. in my opinion everything should be at the same height, since by making the relief higher the minis make them a few millimeters higher and can affect some scenarios.

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