Half-Sized Teaser Tuesday

You like Halflings? We have Halflings!

Seriously, we have so many Halflings. Like, an almost unexplainable amount of Halflings. And some of them are coming to you this week!

We’ve already released the Halfling Shield Maidens, complete with giant bears.* Now, this Friday we’re putting the next range of Halflings up for pre-order. This time: classic flavour.

We’ve got Halfling fighters (in three varieties). We’ve got Halflings riding goats (this would be quite silly if not for the already very silly (and awesome) walrus riders). We’ve got characters. We’ve got militia.

We’ve even got treemen!

Not only that, but there’s a giant*** pot that throws hot stew onto your enemies!

There are even more things than that, all coming on Friday! For a Half-sized release, there sure are a huge amount of models coming your way. So check back then for the full details on everything!



*Okay they’re probably just regular sized bears** but compared to Halflings they’re giant.

**Okay okay technically these bears are TINY compared to actual real living bears like you find in the woods because they’re resin miniatures but you get the point I’m trying to make here, right?

***Not this again.

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