From the digital to the real – WIP Wednesday

What was once a render now physically exists! Behold just some of the new bases you can adorn your minis with.

Now you maybe thinking theres a glitch with the Matrix because you’ve seen these before. Yes and no, you have seen these before, but they were the 3D sculpts (which you can read up on here) and now you get to check out the next stage of development, moulding of the physical bases!

From the photos you can see a taste of the different 30-50mm bases headed your way. The details from the sculpts came out wonderfully and there is now some excellent variation for your minis. Dwelling in the slums to living the high life, there will be a base variation appropriate to your needs.

If you’re wondering what’s with the layout, it’s all part of our production process. The finished sculpt is initially printed out and taken to casting to produce multiples copies. We then lay them out within their styles onto plates, where their next step is to be framed for a silicone mould that we can then run for production (Fear not, that ugly green blob is not becoming a base).  Doing it this way allows to produce multiple copies quickly and efficiently, which we’re going to need when these fly off the shelves at release!

A release date I hear you say? Well all I can say is that they will be coming pretty soon, expect a future community post about release dates!

In the meantime, you can get the original cobblestone bases and loads of Carnevale over at the TTCombat webstore!

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