Who Are the Pulcinellas?

We’re stepping into the murky world of Carnevale to learn a little more about these weird jesters…

The Pulcinellas are seeing release this Friday, and with them come a few questions. Namely:

“Seriously, what the heck is a Pulcinella?”

“I thought this was meant to be a dark, Lovecraftian horror setting?”

“Is that one wearing a crown?”

“Why is that other one riding an ostrich?!”

Well, we’re here today to answer those questions!

Seriously, What the Heck is a Pulcinella?

This first question is easy! Pulcinella was a character from the Commedia dell’Arte (yes, that one). Known for his slapstick comedy and love of clubbing folks. He’s also known as “the voice of the people”.

English readers may know him better as Punch from Punch and Judy!

I thought this was meant to be a dark, Lovecraftian horror setting?

Well, here’s the thing: these weirdos are pretty dark!

You may know them as Pulcinellas, but they’re official name is the Great and Noble Cult of the End of Days. Pretty wordy, huh?

When the Rent in the Sky tore Europe asunder and drowned millions of souls, some people turned feral, some steeled their resolve, some saw it as a divine teaching, and others… well they just sort of gave up.

The Great and Noble Cult of the End of Days was formed shortly afterwards by like-minded people. The Pulcinellas have decided that the opening of the Rent in the Sky was the start of the end of the world. Some even think the entire world ended at that instance!

So now that the world has ended, and their actions have already been judged, why not enjoy themselves?

The Great and Noble- you know what, that’s too long by half. The Pulcinellas have pledged to live out the rest of their days as wildly as possible, following the chaotic “teachings” of the classic character Pulcinella. You’ll find them drinking and brawling all day and night. They steal, assault people, and generally cause mischief. They’ve looked into the face of destruction and gone a bit mad! These lunatics are great for bringing to a fight, and the Guild will happily point them in the direction of whomever they want to be clubbed!

Is that one wearing a crown?


There are dozens of groups of Pulcinellas in Venice, and it’s basically impossible to control one Pulcinella, let alone a city-wide cult dedicated to anarchy!

So each group elects a King For A Day to control their group. The King Pulcinella is given a crown, and often dresses up and finds the nicest club around.

In that day, the King is allowed to boss around the rest of the group as he or she sees fit. From taking their food and drink to directing them into massive battles, the King’s rule is absolute.

…Until the end of the day! When the day is over, the rest of the Pulcinellas gang up on the King (usually giving a severe beating for all the liberties taken throughout the day) and award the crown to another member of the group – most often the Pulcinella to cause the most havoc during that time – and the cycle starts anew.

“Why is that other one riding an ostrich?!”

Because it’s awesome!

The Pulcinellas intercepted (that makes it sound a lot more organised than it was) a shipment headed for the Ospedale San Servolo; a shipment that contained – among other things – a whole load of ostriches!

Who knows what the Doctors of the Ospedale were planning on doing with all those ostriches, but it worked out for the Pulcinellas, who got a new mount to ride through the tight streets of Venice!


Hopefully that’s all your questions answered about the Great and Noble Cult of the End of Days! We’ll have some more information tomorrow about the new Church of Dagon, and stop back later in the week for lots more Carnevale!

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