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Ooph, sorry about that, the Voice of Dagon took over for a second.

It’s right though, there are new releases, so here’s some more info!


First of all we have a box of Pulcinellas! We’ve saw these earlier in the week, and learned a little about them too.

This little box makes four different Pulcinellas – a King Pulcinella, 2 normal Pulcinellas and a crazy Ostrich Riding Pulcinella. Oh and one of these Pulcinellas wasn’t even on the Kickstarter, so this is the first chance to get him!

Between the four of them you have a legal gang straight out of the box! These weirdos aren’t the toughest around though, so it doesn’t come in at many Ducats, but you could either double up on these (use your second King as a regular one), or add them to a few other Guild models to make a whole gang. Add a Black Lamp and some Climbing Tools and you have a pretty great 75 Ducat gang!

Next up we have the Church of Dagon. We had a lovely Dagonite Priest in yesterday to tell use more about this definitely not a cult.

The Voice of Dagon leads the Church, and it’s quite a Leader! With a massive 5 Command Points, the Voice of Dagon is one of the only characters with 2 different Command Abilities – one offensive, and one defensive, meaning you can get the most out of those points. The Dagonite Priest backs up the gang with some magic, and the three Officiants provide a solid backbone, as they’re extremely adept Henchmen choices.

These come in at a neat 74 Ducats, so that’s a gang right there! Although to expand you could add a Karcharos for some water superiority, or even a Raadru if you want to get really mean!

The first of our new Gifted characters today is the Duke. With loads of Command Points and weapons, he’s a great addition to either a Gifted gang, or any other gang! You could hire him for your Church of Dagon gang to take them up to just under 100 Ducats. Just paint him green! 😉

Next we have my arch nemesis Harlequin. Quick as a flash, with the highest Dexterity in the game (you need to roll an 8 on a D10 just to hit him!), Harlequin is incredibly good and jumping and climbing, and surprisingly survivable for someone wearing a fancy jumpsuit and waistcoat!

As with the Duke, Harlequin is Gifted, meaning you can take him in any gang, and at 20 Ducats, he’ll easily round up your Pulcinella gang to 72. Add a Parachute (he might need it), and you have a gang!

All of these releases are available to pre-order today! If you order them now, we’ll send them out next week, so you’ll have them in time for release (unless you live really far away).

But wait there’s more!

We have two new Streets of Venice resin accessories sets available to buy today!

The first is a dual pack of Venetian Statues, perfect for decorating your gaming board, and also performing chained jumps between buildings.

The second is an awesome Fish Fountain, which makes a great centrepiece for your piazzas. Finn painted all of these, and used clear resin in the fountain to fill it with water. You can use PVA glue or water effects instead – both will work!


Sorry, that wasn’t the Voice of Dagon this time, I just got excited by all the releases.

You asked, and here you are! We’re now selling Cobblestone Bases in size-specific packs. So if you play Patricians, just pick up the 30mm pack. Rashaar players will likely want the 40mm ones, and the Doctors can base their beasts on the 50mm ones. Easy!

The two scenery kits and the base packs are available to buy today. Order now and we’ll send them out on Monday.

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