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Hello everyone! Today we’re going to have a little look at the brand new RUMBLESLAM team: the Masked Mayhem!

This team is an exclusive release. They’ll be available at all TTCombat shows, and in the webstore during those shows (if you’re not lucky enough to make it in person). This cross-over team debuted in the Carnevale Kickstarter, and now it’s out for everyone to add to their roster.

So who are the Pulcinellas?

For a complete understanding of who these jesters are, check out the Carnevale rulebook!

For a slightly less complete (but no less interesting) overview, check out our in depth look here.

For a one sentence description… Okay, how about:

After the Rent in the Sky tore open the heavens and drowned most of Europe, a number of disparate groups of Pulcinellas emerged in Venice to celebrate the end of the world in style – drinking, fighting, stealing, and otherwise being overly raucous!

Phew! I think you’ll all agree that this group of crazies are a perfect fit for RUMBLESLAM!

Who’s In The Team?

Well, we have the classic combination of two WEIGHT 1s, two WEIGHT 2s, and a WEIGHT 3.

The Pulcinella Bully and Pulcinella Goon are your little ones. The Bully is a HEEL character, which changes things up for your rolls a little!

The Angry Pulcinella and Grumpy Pulcinella are your mid-range fighters, and will deliver most of the pain in your team.

And the biggest Pulcinella of all? Well that monster is BIG PUNCH!

As an exclusive team, the Masked Mayhem belong to their own casino – Il Ridotto. That means you may struggle with Sponsorship bonuses, but with the raw power of the Pulcinellas, you may not mind so much.

What Do They Do?

Good question!

With high DEX throughout the team, these boys are tricky to lift and will be even harder to throw out of the ring. Although they don’t care too much about their own safety, so their DEF tends to be quite low.

Having a look at their stat cards you’ll see that there are quite a lot of dice on offer, but most of them are copper. That means this team is not the team to play if you like reliability. But if you like the chance of high numbers, go for it!

You’ll notice that every Pulcinella has a special ability that does DAZED. That’s not a coincidence! In Carnevale one of the most useful things the Pulcinellas do is to Stun their opponents (and then push them into a canal!). With so much DAZED going on, you’ll have a decent chance of really upsetting your opponent’s plans!

Oh and speaking of upsetting plans, we can’t talk about the Masked Mayhem without mentioning their Passive Abilities. Mindless is going to affect your team, sorry about that! The Pulcinellas are pretty crazy, and very hard to control. They won’t even listen to their manager (that’s you!). When choosing a wrestler to activate (even before rolling for Initiative), you have to roll a Crowd dice. If you roll a BOO result, you have to select a different wrestler instead! This means that every third activation the Masked Mayhem will do what they want, so you’d better have a back up plan!

And on Passive Abilities, let’s talk about King for a Round. This is a skill that all the Pulcinellas have (even Big Punch!), but only one can use it each round. Makes sense, right? Oh and you can’t be King twice in one game! But what does a King do? Well it gives +1 to all your stats. Yes, you heard that right. +1 ATT, DEF, GRP, and DEX. You know that lack of reliability I mentioned before? Well now that’s gone! Although with 5 rounds and 5 Pulcinellas, you’ll have to be very careful about who you elect King each time. I’m not going to go into the best order to do it – figure that one out yourself!

Oh and although we’re not talking specifically about individual wrestlers here, I have to give a bit of the spotlight to Big Punch. Aside from being an amazing model with a killer name, Big Punch has some really great moves. For starters he has loads of dice. That’s always good. He also is a WEIGHT 3 with 4 MP, which is quite rare. This team can be surprisingly fast!

Rent Drop is his special Turnbuckle move. It has the power of Eldritch energies and hits everyone in base contact for 3 Damage (and at 2G attack, it will almost certainly go through). And it does DAZED to all those characters! Plus, if it’s successful, Big Punch gets his Crowd Pleaser attempt. What does it do? It does DAZED to every wrestler in base contact! That’s right, on a successful Rent Drop, you have TWO CHANCES to daze every wrestler in base contact. Get this move off at the right time, and you can turn the entire tide of the match!

Phew. I always get a bit excited talking about Big Punch.

If you like the sound of a team of barely-controllable idiots who are fast, hard hitting, and not particularly focused on their own well being, make sure to check them out on the TTCombat webstore. They’ll be available until the end of Sunday 7th, so get your orders in now.

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