Carnevale Teaser Tuesday

What’s coming out this week for Carnevale? Find out today!

It’s Teaser Tuesday again, which means we’ll have a look at this week’s releases.

Not content with a whole load of exclusives, this Friday we’ve also got two new boxed sets for Carnevale, along with a new Gifted character, some dice, and of course a scenery piece too.

The first box is the Patricians Hunting Party. This one is a great expansion to any budding Patricians players.

It contains two powerful Syphilitic Nobles who are the envy of most other factions’ Hero choices (although they’re pretty strange and good luck trying to get other heroes to listen to someone with half a face!). Two alternate Household staff bolster your ranks of Henchmen, adding some long ranged firepower and stunning capibilities. Finally there’s also the Adventuring Noble, who has travelled far and wide, and come back from the world with some enchanted artefacts.

The second box this week is for the Doctors – the Aether Psychology set.

This one is a whole gang in itself! The Doctor of the Mind leads the group (although probably from the back). He’s one of the most formidable mages in the game, and is terrifying to boot. He’s a bit frail though, so is accompanied by a Warden – one of the toughest Hero choices, particularly for the Doctors! The Doctor of the Mind uses the Madman’s Will Points as his own, and is protected by two Nurses, who are able to heal friendly characters throughout the game.

One other release we have this week is something we’ve had a few requests for. We call it the Quick Play Dice set. This was designed to be used to keep track of Life, Will and Command Points throughout your games. It’s how we do it in the office (and in our Ontabletop appearances), and we think is the easiest way to keep track of your stats throughout the game.

And those are all the previews you’re getting! I’ll let you have a sneak peek of these, but you’ll have to check back on Friday to see what else is coming your way!

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