Last Chance to Buy – Streets of Venice

Venice is sinking! One MDF kit at a time 😉

It’s that time again – last chance to buy some old Streets of Venice kits.

All of the following kits will go off sale on Friday 12th April, so this is your warning!

However, all of the kits will be replaced with updated versions. So if you’re looking to complete your collection, or pick up matching items, now is the time!

The Chapel and Lion Bridge are the first casualties!

Both of these kits are getting updated versions, which we’ll be able to show you shortly.

All of the floor sections are also being discontinued.

“But how do we base our games of Carnevale?!” I hear you cry.

Don’t fret, dear reader! New street sections will be released soon too. They’re almost the same, but are redesigned to be a bit easier to put together, and the designs on the top are changed slightly to incorporate the structure a bit more. I can’t show you exactly what I mean by that, but we’ll have teasers for you very soon.

However, since the design on the top is changing, if you want to have an entire board of identical tiles, now is the time to act!

If you’d like to pick up any of these before they go off sale on April 12th, head over to the TTCombat webstore.

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