WIP Wednesday Space Hedgehogs

Let’s take a trip to the Commanderverse for today’s WIP Wednesday!

The Battle for Earth is approaching, and all factions are taking part!

Yes, even those meddlesome space hedgehogs the Shaltari.

I took a trip down to the resin room to see what they’re working on. They wouldn’t show us everything, but while their backs were turned I stole this mysterious alien part.

This is a piece straight from the 3D printer. The orange is the printed resin, and the resin team have attached the feeds ready to make a master mould of it.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is, but it’s definitely a Shaltari gun of some sort. Not sure what exactly it attaches to, or even whether it’s for Fleet or Zone. It looks like Zone, but with such a long barrel it could be a very formidable space ship weapon!

We’ll have more soon, but for now I have to pop back down to resin and sneak this back into the production queue.

3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday Space Hedgehogs”

  1. AAAAAAAH! I’m so excited that this game is still growing under the tender ministrations of the TT Combatants. Way to go you guys!

  2. Battle for Earth eh?

    and Now I have something of an image of what the Shaltari look like. Space Hedgehogs LOL

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