Back To Venice in Teaser Tuesday

It’s new release week for Carnevale, let’s see what’s coming!

We’re diving into the canals again this week as we unveil the next wave of Carnevale releases!

The big ticket items during this release are two new boxes, one for the Guild, and one for Rashaar.

The Guild are sending in the clowns!

The Pulcinellas are bouncing into the streets of Venice with this new box. A King Pulcinella leads the charge, with two Pulcinellas to get your Mob Rule bonus up high, and an Ostrich Riding Pulcinella because… well who doesn’t want a mad jester on a flightless bird?

This set is a little special, because it’s the very first non-Kickstarter miniature we’ve released. That bowing Pulcinella was first revealed back during the 2018 Advent Calendar. Not long before it’s out. Look for many more brand new sculpts coming to Carnevale this year too!

The second box changes things up for the Rashaar. Between the 2-Player Starter Box and the Rashaar Starter Gang (and don’t forget the Karcharos) they’re quite set for water-based gribbly monsters.

This new set of the Church of Dagon introduces some much needed ground-based combat for this watery faction. Between the Dagonite Priest and three Dagon Officiants you’re doing pretty well already, but the Voice of Dagon finishes off this cult, creating a very mean and well-balanced gang in itself.

We’ve got some new Gifted characters this week too! Two of them in fact. The first is the Duke, a mysterious figure who also tends to appear to those in need (if they can pay) before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Don’t expect him to turn up whenever you want though, and don’t expect him to be friendly – this enigmatic stranger is nothing if not unpredictable.

There are a few extra releases on Friday, with some more resin scenery too (what’s a Carnevale release without scenery?). I’m not going to tease them all today though – pop back on Friday for the full releases, and we’ll be coming back everyday to talk more about what’s coming out. Check back tomorrow for some more information about who the Pulcinellas are, and exactly what (if anything) they want!

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