Monday Motivation – Back for 2022

Following a hectic festive period we are now back to work and starting off the year with a post highlighting the work sent to us last year we didn’t get a chance to show off.

We love Monday Motivation here in the TTCombat office. We usually see the studio paint scheme on miniatures and rarely any paint on scenery (with a notable exception last year), so we absolutely adore seeing your painted pictures! Although we try to show as many as we can throughout the year, there are always a few left over that we didn’t get chance to post. Let’s have a look at them!

Christopher McEwan: 

Christopher McEwan has made multiple appearances on our Monday Motivation segments and its easy to see why. Chris continues to keep us up to date with his latest creations, so we couldn’t let this simple gem go to waste. RUMBLESLAM’s biggest in ring accessory from TLC looks fantastic in the dark textured tones with the gold being allowed to shine.

My personal favourite aspect of Chris’s podium is how he’s changed the tone of the statues base which has marble like qualities. A fitting addition to Kaiser’s Palace! We can’t wait to see what he does with the cat people!

Gary Formosa:

Gary Formosa is a new name to Monday Motivation readers and we hope he continues to send us more pictures of his Fantasy Halfling forces! Gary’s miniatures look epic and have all been finished to a high standard with the grassy textured bases really adding to the set.

Ian Conway:

Ian Conway decided to treat us to his truly inspiring skills with Black Lamp from Carnevale and Calaca Cabala from RUMBLESLAM. So lighting the way forward, Ian’s Black Lamp appears to be emanating a strong glow which is beautifully illuminating this Guildman’s body.

Ian’s Calaca Cabala haven’t quite made there way down to the ring just yet but the party and dancing has already begun. These skeletons are vibrant, loud and always fun to have in a game of RUMBLESLAM and Ian has captured those themes perfectly.

Rene Steiner:

What can we say about this large gang of Pulcinellas fighting for the guild…PINK! Okay so taking a step back from the sheer volume of pink on my screen you start to notice how good Rene has done with these multiple sets. The firebreather’s flame is perfect, the King’s club has great texturing and the universal wooden bases is a great. Carnevale is about having fun and we’re pretty sure that has been achieved here.

Richard Link:

We make Tabletop Scenics, as in we make a lot of tabletop scenics. So the best part of this job is getting to see how customers tailor our products to their gaming boards. Richard’s large scale board is full of TTCombat Orc terrain and he has done a fantastic job assembling and painting these products.  I like how he has taken apart the Orc Stronghold and spread out the components to cover a wider surface space.

It would also be rude to ignore Richards clear Maroon and grey paint theme which matches the Orc units attire and weapons.

Ricky Davies:

We here at TTCombat do like our Wrestling. RUMBLESLAM is the perfect game for wrestling enthusiasts so we thought it was only a matter of time until a STEAL CAGE! was brought to our attention. Ricky decided to create a whole new RUMBLESLAM experience by bringing new heights to the ring.

The Greek is a brave soul who will accept any match but to climb to these heights? He may have taken to many blows to the head. The scale of Rickys achievement is awesome and the chain rope rings is an added bonus.

Wilfred Clevers:

Finally we have some Carnevale by, Wilfred. The Strigoi are a powerful force on the streets of Venice which of course means they have to look good and Wilfred’s Strigoi look ready to conquer. We love the ‘Vampiric Aristocracy‘ and thralls force which are ready to drink Venice dry.

Richards board is made up of multiple sets of TTCombat Streets of Venice buildings such as the Chisea Di San Paternian and Palazzo Magdalena. However, im a sucker of the Gondolas just waiting to be used.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped us to make Monday Motivation possible last year!

If you would like to have your work featured on this year’s Monday Motivation, make yourself known to TTCombat by emailing in your pictures to:

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