Advent Calendar 24

It’s the last day of the calendar!

Behind our very last 2021 door lies some forthcoming Dropfleet goodies, and it’s something people have been asking for for a while now…

Dave has been a busy bee in the Alumnia shipyards, building some new space stations. Well, maybe not in those shipyards, since these new space stations are a little more exotic.

This is a brand new PHR space station (as if you couldn’t guess)!

This new resin kit is hot off of Dave’s design desk (seriously, it hasn’t even made it’s way to the 3D printer yet), and embodies everything PHR! From the circular platform to the tall, sleekly armoured spire, it’s undoubtedly an adandonist hub.

The underside is filled with detail, and plenty of guns as well! If that cluster of missiles on the bottom wasn’t enough to deter you. And if you’re not really into missiles…

How about some burnthrough lasers instead? Mounted on a swivel, this is sure to dissuade your foes from getting close to sovereign PHR territory.

Humans get all the good stuff! What about us space hedgehogs??

Well, bold title person, we have an Xmas treat for you too!

Shaltari are getting their own space station kit too! For all the sleek simplicity of the PHR one, the Shaltari have complex winding patterns and (hard to show off) angles – perfect for you spiky little gremlins!

Interestingly, the Shaltari space station also has a variant, but rather than just weapons, it trades out the core.

Those tall resin spires are still the same, but with a simple new core and ring at the top (who knows what that could be?), you’ve got a completely different look to your space station. Like a blooming flower, this one opens up to provide a nice counter to the tightly packed, heavily armed one above.


And that’s it for us this year! The last advent door is open, and we are now free from our blood pact with the eldritch advent gods!

The TTCombat warehouse will be closed for the next week while we all enjoy some much needed time off. The webstore will still be taking orders, but anything you place will not be processed until the new year. We’re opening our doors again on Tuesday 4th January.

The TTCommunity team (it’s not really a team – it’s just us regular design team people) will be taking a break for the start of January too, but we’ll be back in a few weeks with our regular posts, and back to plenty of new releases, starting with a whole lot of stuff we’ve been showing off all this month! 2022 has a lot of new things on the horizon, so let’s all stay safe in the meantime so we can look forward to a new year full of hobby fun.

Lastly a big thank you to everyone that’s supported TTCombat in the past year. After 2020 it’s been another year of ups and downs, but for everyone that’s made it through: well done! And for everyone that’s painted a model, built some scenery, posted on the fan pages, followed along at home, been patient with new releases, or even – gasp – played a game in the last year: thank you for supporting our little company and allowing us to keep making cool new models, games, and scenery! Take care, and we’ll see you all in the new year.

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  1. Thank you TT for some really cool drop fleet models , always keen to keep an eye out , really loving the space stations ,have made games more interesting ( Kalium kabal 2nd fleet)

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