Advent Calendar 23

Some exciting new releases have been revealed thus far and today is no exception. Drum roll please. What’s behind door number 23?

Feast your eyes on these incredible rats!

Feral Den Casino is Growing

Meet the all new infectious rats coming to the Feral Den. These Rats are nothing to sneeze at, well you know what we mean. These little critters are as terrifying as they look and will rain pestilence in the ring!

Dusk Runner

Swift and cunning, this assassin will take down any opponent with sheers kill and unmatched speed. just look at that claw! that could take your arm off and with the support of its strong tail, all four limbs can attack at once.

Ring Rat

Limber and armed with duelling tails. This mutation is both stylish and deadly. Striking a pose for distraction while her secondary tails whips you from the side.

Rodentia Bubonica

Basically just a walking, snarling, infectious tank! This tormented creature makes all other diseases seem like the sniffles. Pulsating pustules and oozing sores, keep your distance if you wish to keep your life.

Mole-Rat Pugilist

This hairless creature could almost pass for human. If we are only taking into account its size. Appearance wise, it looks more like a pile of left over muscle and skin in  a green leotard. While its eyes may be tiny, its ears and nose are tuned into all of its surroundings. Sensing even the tiniest of movements or change in odour.


Rat meets alchemist. What could be more terrifying then a rat that has been trained in the ancient art of alchemy. Nothing! Armed with a mind for combining chemicals, gasses and solids to create some truly terrifying potions, you do not want to face this rat in a dark alley or even a well lit room.

Sewer Rat

Smaller but no less dangerous. This little rat is super nimble and will bite numerous times before you even know hes in the ring. This green eyed devil, covered in terrible boils just makes me cringe. More of a minion, it might be best to shoot the messenger in this case.

RUMBLESLAM may be a game but these rats aren’t here to play, they’re here to win and take the whole crowd with them if necessary.

We will have more information on these critters as we get closer to their release so keep an eye out on the TT Community for that in the future. Until then check out the TTCombat webstore for all your RUMBLESLAM needs, and don’t forget to check in tomorrow for the final door to our advent calendar!

Happy Holidays!

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