Monday Motivation – RUMBLESLAM Telenovela!

Its time for the first Monday Motivation of March and oh boy its getting dramatic in RUMBLESLAM! Moote Carlo is alive with music, Lucha librae and drama usually found in a Telenovela.

This weeks edition of Monday Motivation is brought to us by Ian Conway. Firstly we have previously featured some Ian’s work on a previous MM so be sure to check that out here. Secondly Ian has taken a trip to Moote Carlo and made some new friends.

Pedro & Dedro

What’s more dramatic than having your dead self switch back to the world of the living! Pedro & Dedro are the single best Mariachi to have ever performed for the world of RUMBLESLAM. Ian has done a create job painting up these to miniatures and we loved the matching blue themed attire. Additionally Pedro’s golden rose is a nice homage to Dedro’s traditional golden trim.


Okay so we gonna talk about Atoq? yeah there’s a lot to say about Atoq… Okay we’ll start. The ultimate showman has glammed up even more! Now sporting a golden attire, the light of Atoq glows even brighter.  We really liked Ian’s idea to make the star of Moote Carlo even brighter and this long lived elf is ready for even more drama.

Senora Muerte

Lady Death or Senora Muerte is tough as nails along with being torn between the world above and below. Ian has kept her original flaming skirt paint scheme however gone is our bright burning redhead, replaced with a raven revelation. The pink upper torso is a nice change and adds some needed colour to a dark toned miniature. Looking this good, everybody better clear the way to the ring.

Sapphire Fiend

So you want to hear about the dramatic life of the Sapphire Fiend? Whelp your out of luck because this guy has been dedicating himself to Moote Carlo for decades and theres to much to cover. However, when somebody isn’t allowed to win the Championship belt again they must be pretty good. Looking a bit more lilac than sapphire these days we reckon Ian tried to trick management into letting the Lilac Fiend win the belt! Yeah, totally not Sapphire Fiend in disguise.

Peyote Pete

Peyotee Pete walks in with a mischievous grin everyday! Just look at those unblinking eyes… we don’t even know if he can blink without eyeballs. Pete is certainly looking sharp in his fancy new flannel shirt and he just can’t wait to bring you in for a hug with those sharpened spines. However we reckon spending time with Ian has made Pete go bad. Know longer does he want hugs but instead has a new ‘Bite Me’ message for the Moote Carlo! God we can’t wait for this guy to be turned into soup. We know Dramatic!


What’s his gift again? oh right, you hit Ppiñama and he throws up candy! Now this weight 5 wrestler is such a cry baby, just because he drops a weight class every time they’re hit. Its due to this that we reckon Ian had the idea to add a spooky ghost to our llamas attire. Can punch a llama if your to scared of the llama! We loved this attire change and you never know, Ppiñama could end up in Gomorrah if he carries on this bad streak or better yet, replace Atoq as the star of our Telenovela!

Thanks for sharing this with us Ian! If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to

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