Hey folks, this week we have some new additions to our RUMBLESLAM single miniatures and our latest Sci-Fi X arrivals.

This week’s releases are a fantastic addition to our Sci-Fi X range. Every kit released this week will be compatible with the already wide range of offerings so fear not. In addition to some exciting new MDF terrain, we’ve updated the RUMBLESLAM Single Miniatures range.


This Friday we will be updating our single miniatures available from the TTCombat store. Maybe you’re a lover of the Moote Carlo but just wanted that one model? Well now’s your chance to get your hands on them individually.

Now lets take a look at some Sci-Fi X releases.

Silo Triads

What’s inside these silos? well we wouldn’t recommend looking inside. Best not when they belong on an industrial site. The Silo Triads will be available for purchase this Friday.

V-Motors Factory

Comprising of 2 industrial style buildings, the V-Motors Factory set contains the Factory itself and a smaller garage. Whilst not large in scale, the garage is provided with a choice of signs and is perfect for Resistance ground vehicles to be stored. You’ll be able to purchase this set on Friday.

What’s all this? Looks like there will be some Blood on the Water soon!

That’s it for teasers this week, be sure to check back on Friday to see the full release. In the meantime head over to the TTCombat webstore to access our full range of resin and MDF.

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