Thats right folks we got boats!

Welcome one and all to WIP Wednesday. For the newbies, this is where we show what we got in the pipelines and what we are currently working on to adorn your table top. On this weeks agenda is Carnevale. More specifically, a fleet of boats for Carnevale.

Doctors Paddle Boat

We decided that as Venice is the city on the water that we should have some more ways to take your battles a bit further out to sea. Hence, the fleet. This sweet sea fairing Vessel is covered in pipes and mad man energy bulbs, its also mainly powered by a powerful paddle wheel at the rear. If this were in a digital game, I bet you the rear paddle would make a great spot to throw the enemy into.

Rashaar Schooner

What’s a Schooner you say? A schooner is a type of sailing vessel defined by its rig. In the case of a two-masted schooner (like this one), the foremast is generally shorter than the mainmast. The Rashaar schooner also comes with semi submerged cages allowing for movement between ships or even the shore line. Also handy as a little watery holding cell for the extra nefarious. Talking about nefarious, you don’t want to be anywhere near the surrounding waters of this ship. In the hollow underbelly, the Rashaar gribblies propel this magnificent vessel forwards and into battle.

Patrician Brig

TAKE HIM TO THE BRIG! Do you mean prison? No the ship you fool, does it look like we’re on a military base? Also a life at sea for a landsman will be a much more fitting punishment than 4 concrete walls. The patrician brig comes kitted out with super extravagant grey board detailing because they are so fancy.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to keep an eye on the TTCombat webstore so you don’t miss any of our new releases and for when these sweet new scenery kits will be released.

May you have fair winds and following seas.

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