Blood on the Water Prelude – Chapter 5

Rosa needs to get out before it’s too late! Will she make it to freedom?

Blood on the Water is coming very soon! Did you see the video the other day? Well, how about a new video?

There’s some weird stuff happening in Venice, that’s for sure.

Not long to wait now, but in the meantime, why don’t we catch up with Rosa? Last we left her, she was locked away, but I have a feeling she isn’t staying there for long…

Chapter 5 is ready! Simply click on the picture to read it.

We’re still not completely caught up with the story of Zovena Vela, so we’ll be back next week with more!

Blood on the Water is on the horizon like a fleet of tall ships, but if you have a hankering for Carnevale action before then, head over to the webstore to check out the whole range of fun things!

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