New RUMBLESLAM Singles & Sci-Fi X Releases

Another week is drawing to a close so of course we’re gonna kick off the weekend with some new releases.

Your RUMBLESLAM miniature collection is going to be growing this week! Our team have decided to expand the already wide range of available single miniatures even further. Additionally we’ve got some exciting MDF releases for all your Industrial Sci-Fi X needs!


Our Single Miniatures range for RUMBLESLAM has had a big update so now is the time to try out something new. Many of the miniatures will look familiar but for the first time ever, you can purchase these characters outside of their boxset. Throwing Shade, T-Flex and Henchroom are just a few of the latest additions. Wrestlers will be priced based upon weight class and supplied with their original card.

You can purchase these wrestlers here from today! Now let’s take a look at some Sci-Fi X MDF.

Ashford Pressure Works

The Ashford Pressure Works is a great addition to your Sci-Fi gaming table. This set contains the large Pressure building in addition to the smaller relay hub, both of which provide multiple gameplay options. Perfect for 10mm action, planes can fly over the pressure building whilst tanks can roll under.

You can purchase the Ashford Pressure Works today for £16.

Underground Hangar

Whilst you might have been expecting a hangar to be on the ground, we thought we’d take it lower. The Underground Hangar set comes with 2 hangar doors and 10 small satellite dishes perfect for detecting aircraft. Designed for 10mm scale Sci-Fi gaming.

The Underground Hangar will be available for purchase today for £10.

Ground Antenna

We’re pretty sure that in the future antennas will be everywhere! By the time we advance from 5g networking there will be an antenna on every home. Containing 2 Ground Antennas designed for 10mm Scale tabletop gaming, this set works great in an industrial theme.

The Ground Antenna set can be yours for £8.

Silo Triads

In the industrial future we’re pretty sure silos will be available in abundance but good luck guessing what’s inside! We reckon its solvent green brought to you by TTCombat. The Silo Triad set contains 2 large silo clusters with usable walkways in addition to 3 smaller silo clusters without. 10mm Sci-Fi wargaming has never been had such useful silos.

You can expect to see the Silo Triads available for £10.

V-Motors Factory

The V-Motors Factory set is a future industrialist dream…if they’re dreaming of 10mm tabletop terrain. This set features a large factory building with an open floorspace surrounded by multiple entry points and walkways. In addition to large factory, you’ll also receive the mechanics garage.

The V-Motors Factory is available for purchase for £12.

Like all of our recent industrial styled Sci-Fi X scenery, these kits come with additional rules you can use in your games of Dropzone Commander! You can find rules for all these kits and more in our Dropzone Commander resources section.

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!


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