Advent Calendar 13

What’s lurking behind the Carnevale door today?

Opening up the Zovena Vela door…

It’s Zovena Vela on the inside too!

Today’s special treat is the first chapter in an ongoing series all about Zovena Vela, the living flame.

You can download Chapter 1 by clicking the picture above!

Zovena Vela burst into our games this year as our 2021 event exclusive model. She’s young, she’s angry, and she’s totally on fire. A bit of an enigma so far, this (currently) six-part story is the Prelude to Blood on the Water, which is coming early in 2022.

We’ll be posting up the other chapters next year in advance of the new book coming. Needless to say, Zovena Vela’s story ties directly into the start of Blood on the Water.

If you haven’t yet picked up Zovena Vela, she is a timed exclusive. We will have a couple of chances to pick her up on the webstore next year, but after that, she’ll only have limited stock available directly from us at events (we take whatever we have left afterwards). Of course, we’ll let you all know the next time our Exclusives are up on the webstore right here on TTCommunity.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other Gifted characters available to boost up your gang, check them out now!

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