Work on the Water Wednesday

Welcome back to WIP Wednesday where we have a look at things that are coming soon in the world of TTCombat.

It’s no secret that the first expansion for Carnevale, Blood on the Water is coming very soon. The book is all done, the rules are looking good, the story is going in crazy new directions, and the miniatures are getting painted and photographed ready for release.

While I can’t share a release date with you quite yet, I did see a new model floating around the canals of the design room this week, so I thought I’d share that with you.

But first!

Blood on the Water Prelude: Chapter 2

Our 2021 advent calendar brought with it a lot of lovely things, and we’re back with another instalment of one of them today. The Blood on the Water Prelude is an ongoing series which takes up right up to the story in the book. Chapter 1 was in the advent calendar, and we’re releasing Chapter 2 for you today!

Simply click the picture above to read the next portion of the story.

A Chubby New Model

Back to the new model though!

Blood on the Water is a brand new book containing new stories, new artwork, new rules, and new scenarios for Carnevale. But alongside it we’ll be launching loads of new miniatures! The story introduced in the book will play out on your tabletop throughout the months after, with all sorts of weird and wonderful new characters coming to your games.

So let’s introduce a new Rashaar character who will be releasing alongside the book: the Bulbous Toad.

This fatty frog is just one of a whole range of new monsters that the Rashaar will be able to bring to their games.

Weighty beyond belief, this new character is far from the quickest character in the game (in fact, it may well be the slowest), but it makes up for that with a powerful harpoon tongue which not only impales its foes, but drags them back towards it for easier snacking. You might even see the remains of its last meal still sat there!

We’ll have more miniatures to show off in the lead up to this massive new chapter in the story of Carnevale, so stay tuned!

If you haven’t yet dipped your toe into the canals of Carnevale and tried out the game, now is an amazing time to do so! Pick up Escape From San Canciano for everything you need to try out the game, at a bargain price. This (and the larger) starter set will not be going anywhere when the new book is released, so everything in there is still an amazing deal!

If you are already a die-hard fan, let us know what you’re excited for, and make sure to send pictures of your gangs and games to – we’d love to show your pics off in a future Monday Motivation!

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