Teaser Tuesday – How did we not Oversee this!

Hey folks, we’re back at it with another Teaser Tuesday, this week we’ve got some more SCI FI – Gothic MDF kits for you.

Following on from last weeks, successful launch of the stacks. We’ve got even more SCI FI – Gothic goodness coming your way. These are in the form of 3 brand new mdf kits. Today i’ll be teasing 2 of the 3 kits so lets get into it.

Oversight Office

Starting off, here we have the Oversight Office. This kit simply has it all. sitting 4 stories high the Oversight office features some fantastic vantage points giving the controller a distinct advantage over their opponent. Alongside this the roof is removable allowing for easy access to the top room. The kit also comes equipped with scaffolding running up the back and the right hand side of the building, making the building able to be scaled with ease. And finally the kit comes with 4 different sized containers which are all stackable and fully compatible with previous SCI FI – Gothic containers!

Ruined Distro Hub


Here we have it the once proud Distro hub. If only the oversight office was around when this kit was first designed. It may have never been destroyed. The Ruined distro hub is the alternate version of the Distro hub we released previously. This particular kit is able to be combined into one whole building as shown above but also split in 2.  The Ruined distro hub features loads of line of sight blocking features. As well a pair of broken walkways to be used as scatter terrain. Also an intact walkway allowing for it to be easily connected to previous SCI Fi Gothic kits.

That is all for this weeks teasers, be sure to check back on Friday to find out more about this weeks releases. In the meantime, if any of these kits have sparked your curiosity. Then you can find our full range of products here.

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