Monday Motivation 50mm Work Competition

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Now here at TTCombat we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year than slipping into a bath and breaking out this weeks Monday Motivation.

This isn’t the first work painting competition which we have covered, and certainly not the last. Now, the restriction for this edition was simple enough to follow. Every entree had to be on a 50mm base and incorporate TTCombat products in someway. So please slip into something comfortable, light a candle and put the M&S fancy ready meal in the microwave because its time to celebrate Valentines day with Miniatures.


A different Matt has won the contest! Matt W is our contest winner this round thanks to his fantasy themed diorama. Now we will admit this entree does push the boundaries to the 50mm base limit but as his raised cliff is attached unsupported we’ll allow it. The scene of a Barbarian doing battle with a Masked Necromancer leaps from the pages of the Black Library. So Matt W has created a recognisable scene. The Necromancer has been customised with green light emitting tendrils flowing from there left hand side. While the Barbarians hammer can be seen casting lightning from its hammer.


By far the smallest miniature entered into the contest, might not even be able to call it a miniature. No longer standing tall, the T-800 has been lowered to its infernal fate but not before giving a final thumbs up. We loved the level of detail applied to the base by Lewis M with the crisp magma separating around the fist.


Great my wife created a bloody massacre for Valentines day, I shouldn’t be worried at all. Moisha has created a bloody scene as her Queen of the Adriatic Patrician stains the snow with Strigoi blood. I love the blood splatters across the figure, even the barrel of there pistol is coated. On the other hand it won’t be to hard for this female Patrician to be tracked thanks to the stained snow.


Would you believe that Laura’s miniature is based on her average weekend plans? Beer and slaughter are a common occurrence when she is present. Just as its creator, this Ogre Butcher is wielding a cleaver and a pint. We loved the green stuff guts lying at the monsters feet however the most impressive thing has to be the rotting guts clinging to the cleaver. Laura created this by allowing an excess of glue to dry before applying the paint.


A BAD’UN SHOOT MOAR! Yes we have an entree inspired by a Max Mini range of products. The Unnamed Orc Hero goes into battle with an entire arsenal attached to his arm and Jay has done a great job of painting him. On the other hand we should expect an exceptional job by our very own painting streamer. We also enjoyed the little bit of kitbashing present by removing the tactical nuke mace for a death claw.


The Halflings have invaded the industrial hive! Now it wouldn’t be a TTCombat staff contest without at least a single appearance from the loveable Halflings. However this hair footed fighter is armed to the teeth dual wielding futuristic firearms instead of their traditional flintlocks. Converted from the conventional Pirate, this figure is carrying on their favourite vocation but now in space! We loved the idea and the conversation has been carried out extremely well.


Place your bets, place your bets! Who shall win the epic dual? 5000 pound Shark or a 4 pound seagull! A battle for the ages is taking place. David decided to reintroduce Great Jaw to its natural habitat and away from the Ring. My favourite thing about this set is the Seagull converted from the Mummy Liches loyal Vulture. Additionally the water resin looks fantastic and considering this is only David’s second attempt at modelling it is extremely impressive.


Finally, we have Matt. The reigning champion has been dethroned however he went down swinging with a fantastic entree of his own. Cthulhu has ascended from the depths, as a relic of the deep has emerged. Converted from a Magi-Rashaar and possessing additional green stuff tentacles this creature has risen. Matt has done a huge conversion job adding tentacles and tendrils from the figures frame. Whilst the luminescent green paint catches the light with its sickly green glow. A great effort.

Thanks for entering the contest folks! The next competition is starting soon and will go on for two months. This time the contestants are restricted to a Gaming theme. We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

If you have a project you want to start or add to your table top setup, make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post, please send us some photos to


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