New Release Stacking and Zooming!

Strap yourselves in as we’re jetting off into deep space with some new releases this Friday!

We did it everyone! We made it through another week without the planet being terraformed by some dastardly aliens. So if you didn’t catch this week’s teaser Tuesday or you’ve just crawled out from your cave, we’ve got new ships coming to Dropfleet Commander.  This is going to be a long post. Besides covering the brand new Cutters we’ve also got some MDF releases from our Sci-fi Gothic range to divulge.


First of all we have the Wraith and Parasite. These ships are fast. Really fast. So fast if you’re in a UCM ship you might as well stick the kettle on and open the door for your new overlords because you won’t be able to out run them. With a devastating mix of Oculus weapons and a deadly Beam weapon, these two ships are sure to bring the pain to your enemies.

You’ll be able to purchase the Scourge Cutters for £20.


The UCM have some gorgeous new Cutters out today. The Reykjavik and the Nuuk. We can’t wait for horror stories of a lone Nuuk crippling an opponent’s capital ship before darting out of firing range. However we’re fairly sure that many gamers will stick the the Reykjaviks UF-9000-S mass drivers: short-barrelled guns for that phenomenal cosmic power feeling.

The UCM cutters will be available for £20.


The PHR have two new ships as well: the Pegasus and the Ourania. The Pegasus comes with Nano Drones which deal close up damage and also repair the ship with frightening speed. The Ourania is an unarmed vessel, but thanks to its oversized Targeting Link your Romulus Dreadnought will provide all the fire support required from a massive distance.

Your PHR fleet can be expanded for £20.


Resistance Fleets are getting an expansion as well, with the Sagittarii and Baleares Cutters. One is armed with massive Artillery Cannons, and the other with its own Launch bays. Both of them have crazy huge engines though, all the better for speeding around! The Resistance Cutters can be assembled in a variety of ways, with enough keels to mount both the engines and prows either horizontally or vertically.

The Resistance Cutters can be purchased for £20.


Finally, the Shaltari are getting the Caesium and Gallium Cutters. The Caesium has a modified Disruptor which makes it excellent at hunting light enemy ships. The Gallium is a whole lot weirder though, using its Bio-Atomiser to kill ships from the inside out, killing all the crew, and letting the ship drift without them. Its hard to say what worse, being consumed by a quick explosion or vomiting to blood before finally suffering a brain haemorrhage.

The Shaltari Cutters can be bought for £20.

All these new Cutters are arriving for pre-orders today! So head to the TTCombat site to reserve yours.

Next, let’s get a better look at some of the new Sci-fi Gothic buildings being released as we head back into the Freighter Graveyard.

Goliath Container Wall

The Goliath Container Wall is the perfect set for anyone looking to bulk out their scenery collection in a hurry, for a bargain! These massive sets are designed for blocking line of sight and walkways on your board. While they’re not all individual containers, each separate piece makes for excellent board-filling terrain. Combine them with some of the individual containers and you’ll have a huge amount of terrain that looks great.

You can purchase the Goliath Container Wall for £28.

The Slum Stacks

In a feat of MDF engineering never before seen, we’ve stacked a whole load of containers together and turned them into houses! The Slum Stacks kit provides one (rather large) stack of containers. They’re arranged in a way that looks like they’d fall over at a moment’s notice. Don’t worry though, they’re very sturdy! The floors are removable, and the kit comes with steps and ladders so you’ll have plenty of options to evade your opponent.

You can purchase the Slum Stacks for £20.

Shanty Town Stacks

The Shanty Town Stacks are the perfect place to head home after a long day of toiling for your capitalist overlords. You get two distinct pieces in this kit. Each a master-work of MDF that looks rickety, but is surprisingly solid. This multi level kit can be arranged in a variety of layouts. Thanks to its removable roofs, interior play is an option.

You can purchase the Modular Shanty Town Stacks set for £28.

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!


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