Advent Calendar 14

Todays calendar door sees the return of some classic scenarios!

As the universe of Dropzone Commander has moved forwards, we’ve brought new conflicts and new alliances into the lore. We’ve also moved from purely printed rules to a living ruleset, but this has sometimes meant leaving certain things behind in older books. Important things like scenarios!

Behind our door today we have some returning scenarios. Updated for the current rules!

Click to download!

These used to be found in the Reconquest 1 book, but we’re making them free online for anyone who wants to use them in their games of Dropzone Commander.

Not just scenarios! We’ve updated the rules for the Monorail and Aegis Orbital Defence Laser and included them in this scenario pack. It’s a good thing too, as several of the scenarios make use of these key pieces of scenery!

You can find these scenarios and more in our resources section on the TTCombat store!

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