Advent Calendar 17

It’s time for the second Dropfleet door, what goodies await behind?

On Tuesday we re-released the scenarios from Reconquest 1 for Dropzone Commander for you to download completely free. Today we’re doing the same for the original scenarios from the Dropfleet Commander rulebook!

We’ve updated them to match the visual style of Battle for Earth and compressed them into a handy pdf for you to download.

Click to download!

Not only that, but we have some rules for our event exclusive New York Sector Pack! These were hand penned by Dave and freshly squeezed into PDF for you to download. These are designed to be fun additions to your regular games and replace already existing sectors so can be used with any existing scenario.

Click to download!

Finally we have one more download for you. The Moon! Well, not the entirety of the moon, but a correctly sized image of the moon you can print out and use for LSO’s in the Moonshot and Moonwreck scenarios. Just download this PDF,  print out as a poster, and glue or tape together. Or download the image below and print out at whatever size you want!


We’ll be back with more advent calendar next week for our last round of previews this year. Until then, have a great weekend everybody!

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