Advent Calendar 16

Fire up your printers, the administrator has entered the ring!

No, it’s not a new wrestler, but… well actually it’s quite a few “new” wrestlers…

Behind door 16 in the advent calendar is a whole load of updated RUMBLESLAM Superstar cards!

Over the last year we’ve been revisiting and updating some of the old Rookie cards. They’ve received a fresh coat of paint and a balance pass to make them fit nicely with our fancy new style cards, and also help you (and your opponents) to have more fun with them in the ring.

Up until now, we’ve kept these updates purely for Rookies, but as today’s treat, we’ve run a whole bunch of Superstars through the Fancy Card Machine!

Every casino with old cards has had some updates! Each casino has 3 Superstars (hand picked by the office) with all new cards.

Some (like Leo above) have had a couple of little changes, but most (like Grave Digger below) have had more substantial re-works to make them more evocative of their inspirations and also to bring them in line with some of the more recent Superstars.

You’ll find that a lot of these Superstars have changed roles slightly, leaning into specific special abilities rather than simply being better than an Orc Brawler and Orc Grappler combined (I’m looking at you, Gun!).

Of course the two first Superstars on our list were Phage and Triple D. Fresh out of their new Feud Pack, these two have had a new coat of paint (on a new sculpts), and some fancy new cards to match!

We’ve also done some updates to three Free Agents at the same time, so everyone gets something! Big Andy has had a bit of a de-buff so his rules match his model. You might need a new base if you’re using these experimental new rules though…

Even Moote Carlo has something new. The Lords of the Ring and Mushcles were released just before the second edition of RUMBLESLAM, and so they come with smaller cards as standard. We thought we’d rectify that and give them fancy new ones!

Although don’t expect many changes on this team, since they were designed with the new edition in mind anyway. In fact, there’s only two changes on the Lords of the Ring: The Exótico’s Antagonise now matches the newest Goblins, and the Halfling Ref has a new rule which should stop disagreements on whether he can stand up again after being KO’d!

As with all of our updated character cards, you can find them on the Resources page of the TTCombat webstore, free to download! Just print and play and you’ll have some new Superstars to try out.

And just like the Rookie cards, these are entirely optional. The only thing we’d say is that you should either use the old cards or these updated ones, not a mixture of both. We think these rules are fun, but they’re still a work in progress. If you have feedback, let us know! The RUMBLESLAM fan page on Facebook is always a good place to have a chat.

Are you inspired to pick up a new Superstar? Something tickle your fancy? Well check out the whole range on the webstore now!

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