Advent Calendar 10

Our first Dropfleet door is off to a swift start – there’s some brand new ships on the way!

Behind the 5th door is DropFleet!

Cutters are making their way into Dropfleet Commander! These monitor sized ships are their polar opposite. Incredibly fast, highly manoeuvrable, but also much more fragile. Each blister for each faction will come with a pair of options. Either a support, or an offensive loadout!

As the Reconquest continues, each faction is bringing more and more weird stuff into the fight, just what exactly does that tuning fork do

This class of ship is brand new to Dropfleet and should open up a few new tactical options for Commanders. While the rules aren’t finalised yet, we’ve got a good idea of what these small ships will be doing.

This Scourge Cutter for instance comes with an energy siphon, a device capable of hampering your opponents attempts to shoot at you.  I can’t say much more than that though, but we’ll be talking in depth closer to release!

We’ve got a lot planned for Dropfleet in 2022 and these are just the start. In fact, cutters are the first of the releases we have planned in 2022! Keep an eye out for these here on TTComunity in the new year when we’ll have more info for you!


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