WIP Wed Whoooooosh!

It’s the first WIP Wednesday of the year, catch it before it flies past!

This very first WIP Wed we’ve got the fastest little ships ever. You may have seen them previously in the advent calendar, and now they’ve made their way to Fin’s painting desk…

It’s the Cutters!


We only have a couple to show today… first of all we have the PHR. These sleek craft are possibly the smoothest ever! So thin!

Fin is still in the middle of painting them, you can see that one has metals already done, and the other is awaiting the metallic coat. Neither have their additional weapon options yet, they’re being painted separately.


For our second one, we have a Shaltari Cutter, and it’s basically finished!

This weird looking one caused a lot of questions in the render, so hopefully these pictures will shed a little light on the elegant build.

With three prongs and a gun on the front, there’s no confusing how fast this ship is going to be!


We’ll have more information on the Cutters in the future, so keep an eye out right here on TTCommunity for all the latest information. In the meantime you can head over to the TTCombat webstore to have a look at all the Dropfleet Commander ships available. And don’t forget to email any pictures of your painted fleets to info@ttcombat.com for us to feature right here in a future Monday Motivation!

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