Cosmic Cat Has Awoken: WIP Wednesday

One of the cats are finally out of the box, after a catnap of many months the Cosmic Cat is getting ready to play real soon!

Teased way back in the advent calendar, we said the cutest and furriest RUMBLESLAM team would be coming to you in 2021 and we mean it.  Bringing life to the universe and overseeing all, its only natural this majestic kitty gets a post to themself.

The newest additions to RUMBLESLAM are currently being mastered and prepared for production. The all seeing void that is Cosmic Cat however, has clawed their way out of the screen and into our reality. They’re ready for belly rubs and/or your soul. After all – cats.

Our sculptor has captured the essence of the artwork purrfectly. From the little bits of fur to the galactic clouds, this model is full of detail from all angles. Its going to look great in the ring and on your shelf.

This giant fluff ball is simple to put together, with many of the join lines strategically hidden. Meaning less cleanup for you so you can get to playing sooner! Speaking of play, this team is a little different being smaller in number (if you don’t count the flying carpet). However, they have whole bunch of fun toys to bring to the ring that we will expand on soon.

A new team means new cards and new moves. I was going to explain the new moves but I have decided not to. It’s way more entertaining to see what you think these all do with no clues. Sound off in the comments below what you think these moves entail. Two Actives and a Passive? This team is going to be weird.

In the run-up to their release, more will be shown of Diamond Oasis’ latest team. So be sure to keep an eye out for those! These cats are going to need someone to play with so be sure to pick up their new toys from our webstore.

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