Teaser Tuesday – Dungeons & Deserts

Hey folks, this week we will be bringing you some fantastic additions to our Fantasy Heroes range as well as our Desert of the Dead range!

Coming to the webstore for pre-order this Friday. We have a brand new Fantasy Heroes Army.  Lets take a peak at what lies beneath the bandages.

Starting off we have the Mummy Anubti Warriors. These fearsome warriors come in a regiment of six, in a range of imposing stances. They will be a fantastic addition to any underworld themed army.

Next up we have the Mummy Catapult. This fantastic kit comes with one catapult and three mummy workers, to help operate the terrifying machinery. If fighting an army of the undead was not scary enough. The fact they wield such powerful machinery, that is able to demolish cities to the ground is a horrifying thought.

The last Fantasy Heroes teaser for this week is the Mummy Archers. This set contains twenty Mummy Archers coming in a range of different poses. These are some really fearsome units with the ability to rain down hell upon their foes.

Carrying on with the theme of the undead we have our very own Desert of the Dead Tomb Dungeon. This brilliant kit is highly modular allowing you to build a unique and different tomb every time you play. This kit is huge and can easily fill a 3 x 3 tabletop. Alongside this you could make the tomb into a considerable length pretty much acting as a death run, with all the traps along the way I wonder if anyone would survive.

That is all the teasing for this week folks, but if this has got you interested in our existing Fantasy Heroes range you can check it out here.


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