Friday Releases in the Desert

This week we explore the shifting sands in the Desert of the Dead, to unearth the oasis that is this Friday’s release.

We have a theme this week. One MDF release and a host of undead warriors to go with it. Have a read below to learn more!

Fantasy Scenics: Tomb Dungeon

Great for tabletop RPGs in a desert setting, the Tomb Dungeon is a large set of modular rooms and corridors.

With lots of interior detail, this kit can be reassembled in  many different ways each time you play. Paired with the mummy heroes and warriors, you have a ready made encounter within the sandy halls of this tomb.

This multi part kit is available for £60.

The tomb dungeon adds to our range of Desert of the Dead MDF kits. This set and the rest of the range can be found on our website here.

Mummy Heroes

The three models above come in the mummy heroes set. They make great commanders for your undead armies or “big bad” characters for RPGs. Highly detailed and easy to assemble this miniatures look great for any tabletop game.

These three hero miniatures are available for £15.

Mummy Warriors

A unit of 20 undead warriors, armed to the teeth. This is your standard rank and file troops that make up the bulk of your army.

Requiring no food, drink or rest, they make the perfect soldiers.

A unit of 20 is available for £20.

Mummy Spears

Undead spears sally forth to take on larger foes. Fearless and stalwart defenders, their spears bristle past the large shields.

A great unit to add to your battle line of undead, the mummy spears cost £20.

Mummy Archers

These desert skirmishers come loaded and ready for battle. Ready to rain down arrows on their foes. Lightly armoured in relative safety behind their own lines, these archers make a deadly force.

A unit of twenty is available for £20.

Mummy Catapult

This large hulking catapult earns its place in any battle formation. Wether besieging a city or being besieging, it can fling its payload across the battlefield with ease.

One war machine and three crew will retail for £20.

Mummy Vultures

Undead vultures called into service by their cliche masters. They fly above the battlefield hunting and picking off unsuspecting opponents.

Flapping on tattered wings, the fluttering of feathers and tattered bandage strikes fear into the enemy lines.

Three Mummy Vultures are available for £20.

Mummy Anubti Warriors

These large Jackal headed warriors tower over mortal men, wielding their two handed blades with surprising ease.

An advanced vanguard built to pave the way for other line infantry to follow in behind them.

The Anubti warriors sell for £20.

Mummy Army

A combination of all the units detailed above, the Mummy Army bundle is quite literally your army in a box.

A one time purchase at a huge saving compared to buying everything individually, this set is available for £100.

All of our Desert of the Dead mummies can be found on our web store, along with all our other themed miniatures.

If you have an army, or any TTCombat miniature you have painted that you would like to be shown off on our monday motivation community post. Then email some high quality photographs of your work to

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