Meow Wrestlers, Meow Rules

That’s meant to be a pun on “New Wrestlers, New Rules”, does it read like that?

It’s a RUMBLESLAM release week this week, and you know what that means? It means we’ve been wearing our leotards to the office all week. Mine is a thong leotard with sparkles. No I don’t have an Onlyfans.

But also it means there are new wrestlers entering the ring! The long-awaited cat team are here! One Thousand and One Fights is a team of Rostani wrestlers, their friendly magic carpet, and thing of catnip, and a giant cat who is made of stars. Or made the stars? Depends on who you listen to.

The Rostani are some of the most capable and vicious wrestlers that RUMBLESLAM has ever seen. We already know that the models look amazing, but what about their rules? Well, today’s the day where we dive in head first to land on our feet.

Cat People?!

Yes that’s right, cat people! The Rostani are a race from far away where they live a peaceful life full of absolute savage wrestling. The ones in the Diamond Oasis casino are famed for how seriously they take things. Excellent wrestlers all round, these felines might be few in number, but they make up for it with pure power.

Rostani Voyager

Famed seafarers, a Rostani Voyager is used to a life lived in the speed of the wind and the hard grind of a ship. In RUMBLESLAM terms, she’s big and tough and doesn’t put up with any nonsense!

The Rostani Voyager is the equivalent of a brawler. She’s got a great ATT stat, a fancy Rope Ability that does Bleeding, and even a +3 on her special Turnbuckle Ability. Nice! The Voyager’s Sharpened Claws cause Bleeding on all Brawl attacks as well, so you have loads of options for dealing damage.

All Rostani have some innate advantages that come from them being huge, tough, and fast. First of all, their off-stats are pretty great, with no true weaknesses. They also are one of the only WEIGHT 2 wrestlers that come with 5AP as standard. That’s a lot of moves in one go! Of course the drawback is that Rostani are a lot of Dosh, and with only(?) 7 Stamina, they can go down fast.

But all Rostani get another bonus: the Feline special rule! This Passive Ability allows them to remove Knockdown counters for 0AP. So they’re almost always going to have 5AP, which is a terrifying prospect!

Rostani Thief

A member of one of the many cabals in the Diamond Oasis, the Thief is a panther who is one with the shadows.

The Rostani Thief is essentially the team’s grappler. He has 2S+1 on GRP, which is a crazy high stat! With Bleeding on his special Grapple Ability, he can deal loads of damage as well.

But he’s not really just a grappler. The Thief excels as… well as a thief! Shadowstep allows him to dart quickly and easily across the ring, ignoring other wrestlers in the way. He even gets a free one if he performs his Turnbuckle Ability! You can also steal counters from opponents and put them on friendly wrestlers with a Cheer on his Crowd Pleaser. He’s sure to annoy your opponent!

Rostani Charmer

Apparently Rostani don’t really like house cats, but I’m not sure I believe that. Everyone loves cats! And these cats are especially cute (we love you, Gus).

The Rostani Charmer is an outright support wrestler for this team. She definitely has not trained extensively for fighting in the RUMBLESLAM ring, and her stats show it! She does have a few options for attacking though, mostly to help control the ring. Her Whip is a 0 Damage Grapple that does Shove 4, and her Running Leap Rope Ability allows her to get across to the complete other side of the ring thanks to Rockets and Jump.

Her main draw is to impel enemy wrestlers though! She moves an enemy wrestler 2 squares in any direction. Considering there are two heavy hitters in this team, lining them up exactly where you want them is very important.

And hey, if you really fancy doing some damage, try her Cat Attack Crowd Pleaser! There’s nothing like throwing a bunch of cats at someone. If the cats weren’t annoyed before, they will be when they land!

Cosmic Cat

We’ve actually had a close look at Cosmic Cat before, but we’ve never shown you all of his rules… until now!

This giant cat is made of stars and smoke and is somehow cuter with all those eyes? That might be a “me” thing.

He’s huge and tough, but has vary varied stats. Lots of Copper dice mean he’s not super reliable, and no outwardly attacking moves put him in another support role. But his toolbox of skills can be invaluable!

Working from the bottom up:

  • Space-Time Flux means that you can control who wins the Initiative. Considering this WEIGHT 3 wrestler is on a large base, “any enemy wrestler within 2 squares” can easily be a whole team.
  • Meowcrocosm causes Cosmic Cat to move 4 squares in a straight line. Very useful for someone with 3MP. But anyone he moves through also gets Dazed! This can setup a whole round of punishment for your foe.
  • Celestial Beauty is what I’m talking about! All those beautiful cat eyes really distract your opponent! There’s nothing quite like automatic -AP counters. And Cosmic Cat can put down so many of them.

Looking at Cosmic Cat makes you re-evaluate everything you thought you knew. You thought cats weren’t made of smoke. You thought they only had two eyes. And you thought that WEIGHT 3 wrestlers had to deal loads of damage to be worth taking. Well, Cosmic Cat has a question for you, and that question is: meow?


One Thousand and One Fights are rather light on wrestlers, especially considering two of their line-up are dedicated support fighters. But they make up for that by bringing their own accessories!

The Catswort Burner is a simple thing, but is tricky to use. Essentially it can’t do anything in the game. It doesn’t move or take turns. You can punch it or throw it around if you want. You can even throw it into the most useful place in the ring!

For you see, the Catswort Burner gives all friendly wrestlers in an adjacent square +1 ATT! Everyone loves the smell of Catswort. But Rostani love it even more. Anyone with the Feline ability gain +1 to all stats when standing next to it! Wow! The tricky thing is getting it to the right place at the right time. But I have something to help with that…

A Magic Carpet! This “wrestler” can indeed be activated and used as normal. It only has 1AP, which is enough to do a Rug Burn Grapple attack. Hilarious. Even more hilarious if you manage to Pin someone with the Magic Carpet so it can gain 3 +AP counters. Hah!

The main draw of the Magic Carpet though is picking people up and carrying them around. Anyone it moves over during its 7MP is picked up and can be dropped off somewhere else! While you only have two heavy hitters in the team, you’re able to move them to the best possible places with the Magic Carpet.

Now, you have two great wrestlers, 2 great support wrestlers, and a couple of trinkets to help you out. How does that make a whole team? Well, that’s up to you.

If you’re after a team with a bit of a learning curve, One Thousand and One Fights are for you. They rely heavily on their WEIGHT 2 wrestlers to do the job. There might not be many of them, but they have all the stats, AP, and special rules on their side. You need some very careful planning or you’ll quickly be outnumbered. But don’t forget that in a pinch Cosmic Cat and even the Magic Carpet can do some damage.

They’re a tough team to play, but when you’ve mastered them, you’ll be running rings around your opponents!

What do you think, is this the team for you? Are you excited to finally play some cat people? Let us know! Or maybe you fancy your hand at a different team? There are plenty of them in the TTCombat webstore, so head over there now to check them out.

One Thousand and One Fights will be up for pre-order this Friday, and we’ll have all the information here on the day, so we’ll see you then!

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