New Releases for RUMBLESLAM & Streets of Venice MDF

It’s FRIDAY! So of course it’s time to end the week with some new releases. This week we’re fancying some RUMBLESLAM and Streets of Venice MDF.

So you think you’re pretty good at RUMBLESLAM? Maybe you’ve survived the Feral Den or perhaps Kaiser’s Palace. Well, now there’s new challengers emerging from the Diamond Oasis. The One Thousand and One Fights are making their way to RUMBLESLAM pre-orders from today.

One Thousand and One Fights

Diamond Oasis’ active roster has gotten a bit more fleshy. Don’t worry the undead mummies are still stumbling around but now they have back up. The Cosmic Cat exists between the cosmos, providing support through teleportation and slowing down time itself. The Rostani Thief, Brawler and Charmer are all capable fighters who’ll prove a challenge for any team. Unfortunately for the Furry Fury the feline threat has gotten even worse thanks to THE KATIATOR!

You’ll be able to add the One Thousand and One Fights to your collection for £25.00

The Katiator

Ah, The Katiator is proof that any feline who dedicates their life to deadly gladiatorial combat will be glorious in battle. Versatile and athletic, each round he gets to add 1G dice to either ATT and DEX or to DEF and GRP. This allows the player to adapt The Katiator to better handle various opponents. Oh and remember to check out his golden claws! Some say he was born with these, others say that he forged them from gold components taken from the inner workings of Golems.

Bring The Katiator to the ring for £8.

Now onto some new MDF from the Streets of Venice range coming out today!

Modular Procuratie Angolo Nuove

The Modular Procuratie Angolo Nuove is a regal multi storey building which thanks to its sloped roof can be used for skirmishing or escaping pursuers.  The raised arches will allow players to use the ground space beneath the structure and is great for breaking line of sight.

You can purchase Modular Procuratie Angolo Nuove for £20.

Modular Procuratie Angolo Vecchie

Very similar to the Nuove, the Vecchie shares the same styling with large arches and numerous windows. However, thanks to its inverted slanting roof miniatures will find traversal easy! Inspired by real world three tiered Venetian structures, players will find lots of inspiration when painting up this grand residence.

The Modular Procuratie Angolo Vecchie will cost £20.

Modular Procuratie Arcade

The Modular Procuratie Arcade combines a set of 3, two storey buildings which can be joined and combined into a single structure. Offering a wide raised surface above the streets, these roof tops will be the perfect place to launch an ambush on the unexpecting Rashaar below.

This great set will be available for £28.

Modular Procuratie Percorso

The  Procuratie Percorso is a beautiful set which consists of a three storey building and a two storey building. Best of all this set comes with additional sections which allow for the foundations to hang off the edge of the tiles and directly into the canals.

Finally you can purchase the Modular Procuratie Percorso set for £20.

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!

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