Reinforcements Inbound – WIP Wednesday

Time is flying and its already the last Wednesday of August, what!? Nonetheless, lots of things are going on here, especially in Dropzone.

If you’re a Dropzone Commander player you likely have a Starter Army for your chosen faction, and have wondered what is the best way to expand your forces. Well, fret not as we have got this covered with new Battlegroups!

These new boxes will offer the start of a Battlegroup in an easy box. With some familiar and some brand new miniatures, we’ll have a whole range of Battlegroup boxes to make it easier than ever to expand your Dropzone armies.

Each faction will be getting Battlegroup boxes full of models to expand your forces in a quick and easy way. The first ones coming your way are Armour Battlegroups, offering new vehicles to your army. I have managed to get my hands on some of the master WIPs for the UCM’s first Battlegroup box this week.

The Battlegroups will be a mix of new and existing faction models tailor made to provide  a wide range of reinforcements to your faction. Such as the new UCM Polecat you see above. It’s like a Wolverine Scout Buggy on steroids!

Full coverage is the aim of the game with these reinforcement faction boxes. From air, with the Falcon, to ground, with the Gladius Heavy Tank and maybe everything in-between (I can neither confirm nor deny),  the Battlegroup boxes are an excellent upgrade for those with Starter Armies.

This is just some of the UCM Battlegroup, with lots more to come for both this and the other factions, which naturally, we will be teasing in time!

We thought that these new boxes were a good excuse to get the rest of the armies repainted in their new colour schemes.

From Jay’s painting desk today, the Katana and Gladius. While the Katana isn’t in the first UCM Battlegroup box, we aim to represent almost every unit in the army in a box in the future!

This is the early stages of the updated scheme but its brighter, bolder and and a whole lotta green! You’ve probably seen this newer colour scheme on some of the newer Dropzone releases already. It’s certainly eye-catching! Jay will be painting a bunch of these on stream as well, so stop by daily to see what’s happening.

It’s a good time to join enlist in Dropzone Commander, choose your faction here, and check out the full rules for free on the Dropzone Commander website!








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