Teaser Tuesday – Orc Orc

It’s Tuesday, and we love to tease, so it’s time for Teaser Tuesday.

Hey folks, this week we are incredibly excited to show you some fantastic looking Orc scenery that will be smashing its way into our Sci Fi – Gothic range.

We’ve had loads of requests to expand our Orc MDF range, so we have listened and we have delivered. From Friday you’ll be able to pick up these kits along with one other secret one.

Just in time for your games of Terminate Gang (which we hear is getting a new edition)!

Orc Sektor

One of the most modular sets we’ve ever made, the Orc Sektor is heading your way this Friday. Designed specifically for skirmish games set in the far future, it’s super useful!

One of the stand out appeals of the Orc Sektor is how modular it is. It can be built as a fortified position or can be split up to cover a larger surface area. As well as this the walls can be connected together to make one larger walkway. In addition to this it is fully compatible with our previous Orc Stronghold and Orc Walls kits allowing for even bigger and more exciting board designs.

Oh and did I mention that it’s only £16? What a bargain for an entire small board’s worth of terrain!

Orc Mega Bunker

If a Sektor isn’t quite big enough for you, next up we have the Orc Mega Bunker.

This monstrous kit can be built as an armoured bastion or can be spaced out to fill a large portion of a 3 x 3 gaming board.  Once again it features many of the same impressive characteristics as the Orc Sektor; modular and fully compatible with the Orc Stronghold  Orc Walls and the rest of this weeks releases. In fact, the entire top of this kit is the same as the Sektor, with extra barricades and a whole 4-piece bottom that can turn it into a truly impressive centrepiece.

I hope this has got you excited to see the rest of the release this Friday. If you would like to see more of our Orc scenery you can check it out here.


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